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    Default how did u book your trip

    i will be booking my trip in the next few day (CN) should i book through couples or use an online company. If i book with another company, do i still get the free transfers to and from airport?

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    No matter how you book online. directly thru couples or thru a T/A yoiu get the free transfers

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    The free transfers are always included when you book with Couples, no matter how you book.

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    Email me at and I will give you all the details on booking.


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    No matter how you book your Couples vacation, free transfers are included.

    We book directly with Couples by calling the 1-800 number and book our flights directly with the airline.
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    It doesn't matter how you book you get the transfers, it is all part of the package.

    We have book through a TA and through Couples. We just book with whoever we can get the best deal through. Some people swear by their TA, others prefer to do it on their own. Your choice.
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    This is a decision for u. Yes, no matter how u book u still get free shuttle. I booked with the resort directly. I normally use a TA but, wanted to try doing it myself. So far no problems. I don't think it really matter how u book, it's whatever your preference is.

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    Free transfers are provided by Couples to and from all their resorts and the airport. It is part of the "all inclusive" package you get with your reservation, regardless of where or how you book.

    We originally used a TA for booking our trips. We have since weaned ourselves off the TA's and have booked our room at CSA through the Couples site and are booking our air travel on line as well. Just getting over that fear of going it alone is the toughest part. But it really is not all that mysterious or difficult. But do what makes you feel comfortable.

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    It doesn't matter which booking method you use. We have done both. Just check for the best price and everything is always included which ever way you book. Yes, the transfers from the resort are always included. No problem mon.

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    Our first trip I booked everything thru expedia. Our upcoming trip I booked the hotel thru Couples and the air thru expedia. The transfers to and from are part of your package from Couples , you get it no matter who you book thru.

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    Only difference we noted booking thru Couples(did resort & air thru them last yr)is, they don't "send" you any itinerary/ have a booking # and that's all you need...this time we booked resort only w/couples, and waited for JetBlue to open up for March, and did air directly through the airline...CHEAP!!
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    bluEyEs, why wean yourself from a good agent? You get the same price as booking direct and if they are a good agent who wants to keep you as a client gives you excellent service without charging you any more. Use a local agent or look on the left of this board at find a travel agent.

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    We use a travel agent who is always less expensive then booking direct with Couples...even on Wed deals.

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    Go find a good travel agent, let them do all the legwork. It does not cost you any more, and if something happens, you can have them handle all the details. Seriously, it saves tons of time and headache.

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    I'll be honest, I don't understand the purpose or reason behind "weaning" yourself off using a travel agent. Ours doesn't cost us anything extra so why would I give up having a real person to go to if a problem arises?

    I usually start looking at prices myself about 9-10 months in advance of the trip just because I am getting excited about the trip and enjoy looking. About 6 months in advance I call our travel agent and see how her prices compare to what I've been seeing and we discuss when she thinks will be the best time to book based on her predictions of what airfares will do...I fully acknowledge this is only a prediction. If the prices I've been seeing are lower than what she sees she can always look and find me the same deal but most of the time she actually finds me a better deal when I call.

    As an example of what can go wrong, this year she booked our trip for us and a couple months later the airline rearranged the flights leaving us 3 minutes on the ground to make a connection in Atlanta on the way to Montego Bay. Now, had I been booking this trip on my own I might have panicked but instead I knew she already had things under control. Sure enough, when I got her e-mail I called and she already had three alternatives for us and actually ended up saving us money and making the trip more convenient in the end. All I had to do was pick the option I wanted and go back to work while she cancelled the original flight and booked the new one. Why would I wean myself away from that convenience?

    Ultimately there are many options for booking your trip and doing it yourself is one. But if something comes up it sure is nice to have a live person who knows their way around the system to call on to help you out.

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    We went through a travel agent for our first three trips, but on our last one in April 2010, we booked the resort portion directly through Couples and waited for a good price on airfare. We never did get a great deal on airfare, but it was acceptable. The only thing I might say is to be sure your credit card company knows ahead of time that the final amount is going to hit your credit card. They rejected my charge and I got an e-mail from Couples advising me of that. My brother and sister-in-law booked at the same time and he also got an e-mail. Boy did I panic. I got it all straightened out, but next year I will call ahead to warn them a large charge from Jamaica will be coming.

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    Sorry, but it is against our message board policy to mention or promote specific travel agencies or tour companies. I have deleted three posts that have done so.

    You are free to book thru whatever company you wish. That being said, Couples Resorts does have a price match guarantee policy. As long as we receive copy of a legitimate offer, we will match the price.

    Couples Resorts

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    Because we like to go for 10 days, we book directly through CN and then book our flights separate. Not too many TAs offer 10-day all inclusives, so this works for us. Only 72 days to go until we return "home"

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    Default How to book a trip?

    We are having the same dilemma this year(similar to dirtleg)...always used a TA but considering doing it ourselves. One question I don't see discussed too much is regarding trip insurance. We typically purchase this along with our all-inclusive pkg. from a TA, but if we would book thru Couples(CSA) specifically, do they have the option of trip insurance? If so, what EXACTLY does it cover, meaning if one has to cancel ones trip for any reason, do we get a full refund? If so, in what form? Cash, voucher for another trip, length of time it would have to be used in, etc.? Would be interested in replies from anyone who has purchased trip insurance directly thru Couples. Thank you!

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    That is not true, agents offer the same thing as Couples, and can book the air along with the package and make sure that all is covered by trip insurance.

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    randymon...I know I saw info on the price matching somewhere on the website, but I can't seem to find it. What are the requirements to qualify for that? Are Couples Resort promotions included in that? For example, if the website is offering a lower price after I have already booked, will they match that price for me?

    Thanks for your help!!

    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    Sorry, but it is against our message board policy to mention or promote specific travel agencies or tour companies. I have deleted three posts that have done so.

    You are free to book thru whatever company you wish. That being said, Couples Resorts does have a price match guarantee policy. As long as we receive copy of a legitimate offer, we will match the price.

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    Our trip was much less expensive through Couples v.s. TA or other online sources. We booked flight straight through airline, but one ticket was free with miles! Just check around.

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    call couples direct 800couples the ladies are the best and if anything goes wrong there is always someone to solve your problem something you dont always get online

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