we just booked our return trip to CSA. We went to the former COR 3 years ago for our honeymoon and booked to go back next summer (our thank god craig's out of grad school / 4th anniversary trip)!!! sooo far away but we are booked! airfare and everything. soo glad that we are going to arrive in MoBay at 10:40 am!!! we booked the great house varendah suite - any pictures anyone??

i have a question about romance rewards. i dont remember it asking for it anywhere when i signed up. i did login to my account and i am able to fill in flight info and it asked for tshirt size. i am going to wait to mark that till MUCH closer. we stayed 6 nights last time and will stay 7 this time. i think we will get the shirt, the repeaters dinner, and a massage maybe. i CANT WAIT!!!