We will be arriving Sunday September 20,2009, getting married Tuesday Sept 22. I have a million questions:
1) When do we sign up for rewards?
2) When do we pick out the things we want for our wedding (i.e. flowers, cake, pictures, location, etc)?
3) Do we need to make reservations for dinners, before we arrive, what is the dress code for the facilities, which is the best place for dinner, most laid back, most romantic?
4) On an average day what is the best activities, and dress?
5) Should we pack beach towels, or do they provide them?
6) By staying at one resort, do you have access to the other resorts, and is there a cost?
7) Do they do the catamaran cruise everyday?
8) Do the rooms have coffee pots, or how do we sign up to have coffee delivered to our room?
9) Drinking, do they have a large selection, I heard they serve them in small glasses, do they have beer A/B products.
10) Do they have laid back restaurants, for just a sandwich, etc?
11) Where do you find the entwined palm tree necklace? I would love to have one for my wedding.
12) We are pretty laid back, I am 46 getting married for the first time, so just want to have fun, what would be a good fun day?
13) If there is anything that you can think of that would be of great help packing, getting settled in, making reservations, activites, etc., please feel free to share.

Thank you for all of your help, I hope our wedding is as wonderful, as all the messages I have read.