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Thread: 2 more weeks

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    Default 2 more weeks

    2 weeks from today I will be back at CN!!

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    Nice,,, take a stroll down the beach to CSA for us , got to wait till April to go "Home".

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    Have a fabulous vacation at CN.

    Two weeks from tomorrow and we will be back at Sans Souci...I am SO EXCITED!!!

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    I know the feeling! In just 15 days from now, I'll be on my plane headed to the island... I wish I could just speed up the clock a bit and slow it way down once we get there! :-)

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    I'll be at CN in 17 days....can't wait!!!!!!!!!! See You there!!

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    DANG! We must wait unil August 19, 2011 for our first trip to CN and our 6th trip to a Couples Resort.

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    Hey KellyNEddie, trying to fine you on facebook, Steve forgot to get your last name when he was looking for his hat which he found when we got home in his suitcase lol We should deff get together soon Steve & I are both on FB my email is & Steves is hope to hear from you's soon


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