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    Default Jet Skiing @ CSA

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much it is to rent a jet ski. I know this is not included with the all-inclusive at CSA, but I know it's available on the beach. Any information on rates would be much appreciated. 20 says until paradise!

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    I'm not sure about renting one from the resort as this will be our first trip to Couples but last year we rented one from an guy on Bloody Bay for $80 for the hour. I'm sure you can do the same along long bay. It was a lot of fun. We took it all the way to Blue Cave Castle and back.

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    Just swim out near the ropes and Elvis will find you. He is the jet ski man. I think I remember someone said around 40.00 for 1/2 hour.

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    Greetings! I don't know how much but Elvis is the man for jetskiiing. Here's his picture. If by weird chance you don't see him, he'll surely see you. Enjoy your holiday and we'll watch for your trip posts or review upon return. When you do see Elvis please tell him Sal & Wendy say hi and we'll see him April 2011... Oh, have a rumpuch for me! Razzl
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    Thanks for all of the information! Razzl, we will definately say hi and drink a rum punch (or 2 ) for you! 17 days!

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    I just spoke with Elvis, Friday, on the phone. He says business is getting better. Some days are still slow, but it's better than it had been.

    Just walk the beach and Elvis will find you. He's a great guy. The first year I didn't know how to take him, but now that I've gotten to know him he's a lot of fun. Ask him about his son the the Army.

    We don't realize it, but the down turn in the US economy has also affected the economy in Jamaica. Even though people are still traveling they are not spending the extra money that they used to.

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    If you see Elvis he will charge you a finders fee over the 40. Usually looking or $10.
    Was there last week and did the jet skis 6 times. One trip 6 of us went to Ricks and back. Ask for Mike's Jet Ski its only 2 months old and is the nicest on the beach. The Jet ski guys will be cruising around or parked between Beaches and Swept Away. Don't pay over $40 for a half otherwise you paid to much. Quick way to help the negotiation is bring a bottle of water with you from the bar. Its hot and there thirsty
    If you see Mike tell him Big Jay sent you. I hope he remembers me I rode his ski 6 times last week.

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