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    Earl & Bernie...apparently hubby had the time stamp on our camera wrong. I think it was y'all that we saw from our penthouse suite on 8/4. If you wanna see the pics, I'll send them to ya...

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    We just returned home from "home" - Swept Away, where we first went in 1994. It was our visit number 10 and was of course, as always, heaven. We are making plans to go back again in April.

    Here is an image that we carry around in our minds: The end of another beautiful day on the Swept Away beach.[IMG][/IMG]

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    Default Sunset at Swept Away


    {Photo contest entry from our August 2010 visit to Swept Away. It was stay number 10. We love Swept Away!

    Don & Sue King
    Marietta Ga.

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    Default Home Sweet Home

    Name:  Deep Plane 6-3-10.jpg
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    This is one of my favorite dive sites from CN. The Deep Plane.

    Name:  P1010723 rev 1.jpg
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    One of our favorite places to hang out, after the afternoon dive of course.

    Name:  Shrek found my watch 6-1-2010.jpg
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    This is Shrek. Thank you again Shrek for finding my watch that I lost at Red Stripe!

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    We loved our 6th trip to CSS on 7/31-8/10, 2010!!!!
    picture #1- dinner/drinks at sunset at the Bella Vista
    picture #2- Percy the palapa mon
    picture #3- Marva(our awesome housekeeper)summed up our trip beautifully on our bed

    Name:  DSCN1531.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN1544.jpg
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    Name:  DSCN1521.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottnkim View Post

    What resort did you go to? I want to avoid Franklin.... no welcome shits for me .... haha
    We were at CN! And Franklin was awesome! I do however want to have words with the man that decided to put the "o" and the "i" key next to each other on my keyboard

    oops !!

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    Default Don & Sue at Swept Away 1st visit 1994 recent vist ( # 10) in August 2010

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    Default Don & Sue King enjoy their 10 th visit to Swept Away since 1994!

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    Default Aug photo contest - Tower Isle

    Here's a few pics from our Couples Tower Isle 20th anniversary celebration Aug. 6 - 13, 2010. Amazing 20 years ago, more amazing now!
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    Default Our tropical "home" away from home....

    Picture #1-As Bob Marley said once "My home is in my head...". Beautiful sunset at CTI!
    Picture #2- If every day was a day like this day...I would be in paradise at CTI!
    Picture #3- So excited about Amber's wedding day at CTI we just couldn't hide it!!! Ya' mon
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    Default Yay!! We"re going to "Camp Couples"!!!

    Name:  marg.jpg
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    Default Best WeddingMoon Since the Beginning of Time

    First let me say our WeddingMoon at CTI...Amazing and Unforgettable. First time in Jamaica, at Couples, at an AN, and YOU made it possible. My wife was speechless, it was beautiful. These pictures don't compare to being there, its you ...the people, the Couples Family. Thank You for everything.

    #1 Sunrise from our veranda

    #2 Sunrise from our Veranda

    #3 My Beautiful new wife as "The Island Princess"
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    James and Lizzie

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    Default CSS photos from April

    Photos from our 2nd trip to CSS this past April 24-29th.
    #1:I loved this photo of the hammock above the mineral pool, partly because of the story that goes along with it. I actually tipped out of it, in rather spectacular fashion, and due to the laughter from my sweetie, ended up with a more than lovely souvenir from the Jewel Box!
    #2: The view from the Hideaway after a glorious couples massage was just the perfect beginning to our trip.
    #3: Whenever I am feeling stressed, I just picture myself still relaxing on the balcony looking out at the ocean from G Block!
    I already have a countdown to our next trip in February (185 days!).
    - Kristi
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    Default Our trip to Tower Isle in August 2010

    A Beautiful View from our balconyName:  Jamaica 2010 002.jpg
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    Our Paradise...Gome on over, there is room for two.Name:  Jamaica 2010 034.jpg
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    After our wonderful massages we relaxed by the waterfall. Got caught kissing.Name:  Jamaica 2010 103.jpg
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    These were taken @ CTI - 2 different trips. 09/2009 & 06/2010

    ***Our first night at the welcome party. What a way to be greeted to our amazing new "home away from home." This was the incredible fire dancer! I love the way that I got the shot in motion. We were hooked immediately!!

    ***Sun, fun and Jamaican rum!!! This was the most fun of the entire trip. We met GREAT people, and played a fun game of volleyball...without a net!! Look closely at the people in the backround laughing at us. Lol :-)We have stayed in contact with one couple and we are discussing taking the next trip together. Can't wait!!

    ***The sax player by the main pool. We were smoking cigars on the other side of the pool :-)
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    Photos from our 2nd trip to CSS April 2-10.

    The staff at CSS would take you for the ride of your life!

    Name:  P1030459 copy.jpg
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    We had this area to ourselves every day, we couldn't get enough of this view.

    Name:  P1030458 copy.jpg
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    What a beautiful setting for a wedding, when it's time to renew our vows you can be sure it will be here!

    Name:  P1030423 copy.jpg
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    Default Sunset in Paradise~ Couples Swept Away

    Couples Swept Away, dates of Stay, August 14-August 19th

    A couple shots I got on our 1st night at Couples Swept Away. It took my breath away when I saw the picture, this place is truly heaven on earth! We stayed August 14th - August 19th.
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    Default Swept away at Couples Swept Away

    Pic 1. Who cares about getting a wedding dress wet and sandy? You only wear it once anyway and man did it make for great pictures!

    Pic 2. Of course wearing our Just Married T-Shirts the night we got married.

    Pic 3. Loved this beach the moment I stepped foot on it.

    Pic 4. Me at the piano bar one night.
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    this is a view from the beach at css up to the penthouse area of the island that was taken while we were relaxing on the beach

    View from our balcony of the sunset at css

    the view from our room down to the beach bar/beach grill at css...which is where we spent most of our time

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    Default 10 Year Anniversary

    My wife and I spent our 10 year anniversary in Jamaica. We stayed at CN from 8/11-8/14 and had the absolute greatest time in our lives.

    Dinner on the beach for our Anniversary (Very Worth it!)

    View from the beach

    Amazing sunset the night before we left!

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    Default memories that will last forever

    My New hubby and I went to get married at CSS on 8/9/10 these are a few pictures we took while enjoying our days and nights 8/6/10-8/13/10

    first picture is taken at SSB it was neat to see the local fisherman pass by everyday at sunset

    second is our wedding rings that I placed into my beautiful bouquet that I had to take apart the day we left because I could not bring it threw customs

    third is a sailboat out in the ocean the palms were blowing in the wind and just happen to open up enough to let me get this shot
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    Default We celebrated our 16th anniv at CSS this year...

    Pic one...sax dude at CSS
    Pic two...picture perfect couple in paradise
    Pic three..perfect sunset
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    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    Default From our trip to CN in August 2008

    Just a few wonderful memories
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    Default Couples Sans Souci pictures

    (1) Our first kiss as a married couple. (2) We actually lost our camera during the trip. We had to buy disposable cameras, but the view of the sunset from our balcony was so incredible any camera could capture it. (3) This is my favorite picture from the trip. It defines our entire vacation in Jamaica--perfect.

    Name:  Edited first kiss.jpg
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    Name:  R1-13A.jpg
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    Name:  Edited perfect kiss.jpg
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    Faith & Howard

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    Faith & Howard...where were y'all staying? Which penthouse? When were y'all at CSS?

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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