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Thread: So ready!!!!

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    Default So ready!!!!

    This November is our 3rd trip to Couples, and I daydream EVER single day about laying on that glorious sandy beach with the sun warming my nekkid buns. Only 124 more days...not soon enough!

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    We are arriving on 2nd Nov for two, hopefully, glorious weeks of sunning the butts and chillin' mon! Been to CSS before?

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    We arrive the 4th of December for our 3rd trip and I can't wait - 129 more days.

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    i am so with you!! We arrive at CN on 12/3 and I think and/or talk about it a dozen times every day. My husband and i talk about past trips and what we'll do differently this year but one thing never changes...laying on the nude beach.

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    Lol i wish I had that same enthusiasm I am still a bit nervous, however ima go through with it!!!!

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    engagedluv, Once you try it the nevousness goes away, and you will feel the same way the rest of us do. My hubby keeps saying "can't we go twice a year". I wish, don't have enough vacation for that. But as knadi says, we keep talking about it.

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