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    Default Rooms??? Upgrade??

    We are getting an Deluxe Ocean room. Should we consider an upgrade or do you think that we will be satisfied with the room we have?? This has been a big question weighing on my mind. Please give me some feedback!! Thanks..

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    Which Couples resort are you staying at?

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    when in doubt pay the freight forward you mind will be at ease

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    We stayed in the Deluxe the first time we went. Nothing wrong with them. We do tend to go for the Superior higher just because they are on the front of the Hotel looking straight out at the Island. The only difference is the position in the hotel and the view. The rooms are pretty much the same. I would say it depends on how much time you will spend on your balcony and I would guess at not much.

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    I am guessing that you are staying at CTI. If this is the case a Deluxe Ocean View Room is very nice. We stayed in a deluxe ocean view when we were there and the view was great and the room was plenty big. The view was of the Tower Island and the beautiful ocean beyond.

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    yes this is for CTI

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    I just picked up the paperwork for the trip and it had us in a deluxe. However, I had asked for a premier, so we could be in the main building. Hopefully they will be able to upgrade, but I I'm glad to see the deluxe is nice as well. We've only stayed in the superior before and there is that much of a price difference.

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