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    Default CN sushi question

    I know this will sound odd to most sushi fans, but does anyone know if Lychee at CN has the soy paper wrappers that can be used instead of the nori (seaweed)? I find that most sushi restaurants around here have them available but charge an extra fee (they aren't cheap). I hate nori so that is the only way I can eat sushi.


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    Never hurts to ask. Or talk to the chef earlier in the day and see if he can get some for you.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    We only had Ngiri style sushi there. No rolls.

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    Most of the sushi platter is nigiri, so you won't have worry about soy paper vs nori for the most part. There may have been a california roll and cucumber roll that had nori.
    It wouldn't hurt to ask - they are extremely accommodating, but I'd do so beforehand. Seek out Arturo the chef or ask around for chefs that run Lychee.

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    Thanks everyone! I doubt it's something they could get quickly if they don't already have it on-hand, but as you said, can't hurt to ask!

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