I hope someone in Couples Land can help me with this one. We have our annual trip to Couples booked for CN 4/14 to 4/22. I haven't booked the flights yet, just the resort. Our daughters best friend is getting married at an AI in Cancun on 4/15 and we are invited. I can change our dates at CN to fit this in with no problem. Our plan would be to go to Cancun on 4/14 for 2 nights and head to CN on the 16th. The only problem is I haven't been able to find any airline that flies direct to MBJ from Cancun. They all go to MBJ via Florida. Does anyone know if there is any airline that flies direct? If not, we would probably have to spend the night of the 16th in Miami and catch an early flight to MBJ the next day. If we try to get to Jamaica on the same day we leave Cancun, we wouldn't get to CN until the evening and I would like to avoid that.
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.