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Thread: "Adult" Movies?

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    Default "Adult" Movies?

    Can anyone tell me if any of the resorts have "Adult-Film" channels in the rooms? The wife and I don't normally watch them, but we've stayed at some other resorts in the past. . .and have enjoyed them. Not like we are going to sit in the room and watch it all day, but nice to watch sometimes in the evening. Thanks!

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    I have never seen an Adult channel at Couples. You don't really need one what with all the LOVE IN THE AIR so to speak..

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    You get cinemax, aka skinemax! At least at negril they had it. They have some "late night programming".

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    When I was at CTI(then COR) about 5 years they had serious hardcore on one of the channels. We noticed it when flipping through the channels. Don't know if it's still available or not.

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    Good question! I wouldn't mind a few of those channels myself and my hubby definitely wouldn't mind!

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    Default laptop....

    on your laptop if the rooms have wifi log into and you can watch the old red shoe diaries....usually does the trick for me and my fiance

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    We did not fine much in the way of "adult entertainment" on TV while at CSA last month. Certainly not any "serious hardcore". The occasional R rated movie or maybe an HBO or Showtime program with some adult content. But not much more than that. If you are looking for such, perhaps that would be a use for a laptop and the free wifi available at the resorts. Plenty of free entertainment on the web.

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