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    Default CSS Oct.30-Nov.6

    Wondering if anyone has been to CSS @ halloween and if anything special planned?

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    We will be there Oct.29-Nov.6 and just realized we would be there for Halloween... How FUN

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    Inarut is this 1st time to CSS?

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    This is our first trip to any Couples!! We are very excited and can't wait til October 29th.

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    this will b our 3rd! We arrive on 10/29 also!

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    less than three months!!!

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    Default Halloween

    Hi, I have seen a post on another couples resort which mentioned that people got into fancy dress, later in the evening.
    This will be our first time in Jamaica and of course couples. We arrive from the UK Sat 30th October too and we look forward to seeing you there.

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    We will be there from October 25th to November 8th! This is our first time to any Couples Resort and we are really looking forward to it! Just in case they are going to do something for Halloween we are going to bring a few masks with us just to be on the safe side. We did this a few years ago in the Dominican and we just left the masks in the room when we checked out.

    Hope to see you there!! We are VERY excited!

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    What a good idea, never thought of that!!
    We've been to Dominican 7 times but not for Halloween, see you there,

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    Our first to CSS. We will be there OCT 26 thru Nov 1

    CSA May of 2010(this year) and CTI May of 2009.

    Any differences we need to be looking at from CTI? I know CSA had the wide open public beach with vendors everywhere, and CTI had a private beach like CSS. No complaints with either, but we are going to try them all!!!!!!

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    We are first time Couplers coming to CSS for our birthdays, We will be there Nov 1 thur Nov 4...less then a month!!!!!

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    Hi, my girlfriend Veronica and I will be at CSS Oct 30 - Nov 6. We are really looking forward to our first time at CSS and plan to have a blast that week. I am especially excited about being there on my birthday, which is Halloween! Yes, I was a trick or treat baby - LOL!


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    Me and my Fiance will be there Oct 30-Nov6!!!! We are very excited! We are getting married on Nov 3 on the beach!!!!!

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    Oops forgot to mention we are staying at CSS as well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamabride View Post
    Me and my Fiance will be there Oct 30-Nov6!!!! We are very excited! We are getting married on Nov 3 on the beach!!!!!
    Congratulations!!!!!! It is a good day to get marry, Carol's Birthday, we will be there soon.


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