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    We are going to San Souci October and are planning to fly tim air to resort.I know the flight is about half hourfrom Mobay but can anyone tell me how long is the journey from the air strip to the resort?

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    It is about a 20 minute ride from the airstrip in Bocobel to CSS. That is assuming that a taxi is waiting for you. If no taxi is there it could be longer

    Since they completed the new road from Mobay to Ocho Rios it is less then 90 minutes from the airport to CSS by van on a new smooth road. With all the transfering from the main terminal to where Tim air flights depart and the check in for the flight you really don't save anytime. We did both the flight and van and now prefer the van.

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    Our tip by van to and from CTI was about one hour 15 minutes, both with no stops. The driver asked but we were all good!

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