My Husband and I are going to CSS july 24th thru the 31st for a late honeymoon..we got married new years day in piegon forge and didnt think we were gonna get the honeymoon of our dreams in jamaica...But to our surprise our dreams are coming true....we will be staying in a beachfront suite, tho after further research i am wondering if i should have chose a ocean view, because it seems these rooms are bigger with 2 tvs....tho we will not be spending much time in the room we are hoping to get a really nice room...anyone have any advice as to which room to choose? The one reason i wanted the beachfront was because I was told it was the closest to the ocean, that when on bottom floor which we hope to get we can walk right out on the beach?? Anyone else gonna be there during this time?? Would love to meet new friends!!! We are both so excited about our trip, and cannot wait to get there!!!!