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    She arrives very early in the morning while most of us are sleeping. Consequently,not that many people get to see her in action. But we marvel at her beauty and warmth. In fact, if we must start a day without her handiwork, it will be a pretty gloomy experience. There is no question that she makes everyone feel good. I would say that Ms. Sunshine is a very popular attraction.

    I'm up almost every day, long before the Sunrise girl has had much of a chance to do her thing. I become aware of her while she is still below the horizon. Even without being able to see her just yet, her radiance is undeniable. With each passing moment, she makes her assent. Slowly and steadily, takes her place in the morning sky. She is like a silent alarm of newness and brightness, announcing the arrival of, one more day.

    Now every day is filled with all the things that go in to making "life". Routine stuff. Stuff that has to get done. But every new day also offers us a chance to take a stand. Be powerful. Be empowered. and feel terrific. I am referring to the countdown apparatus that we all use prior to a Couples trip. Some have a calendar. Some have timers on your computer. So whatever you use to keep track of the days, it is the act of marking off one of those days, that we acquire a personal triumph. Tremendous satisfaction. Smiling even on the inside. This incident will make up for anything that was ca ca poo poo during your day. It may only be a tiny moment. A small victory perhaps. But I plan on repeating this ritual for many more tomorrows. Then, when all the counting has taken place and the number is "0", we will quietly leave our humble domicile for a tropical getaway.

    One more day. It is my battle cry. I shout it from the roof tops. One more day! I whisper it here in the quiet room. One more day. It is what helps to sustain me. It is my morning cup of courage, my mid-day pick me up, and pleasant dreams of things to come.

    At this moment, we are at 112, Certainly not the longest period of time that we have had to wait to get back home. This number, 112. It isn't anything special. It doesn't get the bells and whistles that say, the number 1 would get. But it is a continuum that will ultimately, lead to tranquility.
    And very soon, there will come a number that will have great significant meaning. It will change the whole countdown, and will shed new light on the dreary drawn out counting. It is the number 100. Neat, compact, elegant. This is a wonderful omen. The reason being, it is the last triple digit in this backward slide towards tomorrow. After this, comes the "double digit" dance.

    Even before that double d-day arrives, our bodies have been aware of the change that are taking place inside of us. They remember these tingly sensations. As each day disappears, one by one, the anticipation and excitement continue to escalate. Work suffers. You have no focus, and less patients. Suddenly, each and every single day is filled with an incredible endless number of hours. There is no way to stop time, nor speed it up. We can't pause, reverse, fast forward or delete it. Each torturously slow sweep of the second hand, must follow in suit. When the moments are accumulated, it will be, that's right, one more day.

    As we continue to slowly move forward, it feels as though there is an invisible cloak, woven of precious moments and exciting times, that envelopes us. There is a fragrance surrounding us, like that of a quiet cove on a tropical island. The texture feels soft, warm and soothing. Like a barefoot walk along the sands of that tropical island cove. Oh yeah, the body says, "this is gonna be soooooooooo gooooooooooooooood

    Who knew that you could be this happy and excited, more than three months before the trip. Well, I suppose if you've been to any Couples property, then you do know. And you must also know, that for the vast majority of us, it takes a lot of planning and scheduling and money to make these trips possible. Again, for the vast majority, I think that we would do pretty much anything, within reason and within the law, to go to Couples. What ever.

    For now, it is still a waiting game. I watch the sun as she slowly returns to her hiding place. She leaves behind, great shadows across the land. When she is gone, then this day will be but a memory.

    I'm sure that tomorrow will be filled with phone calls and coffee, bus trips and meetings, traffic, the kids, Whoa, I know it can be daunting.
    I hope my daily ceremony of vanquishing the roadblock, can bring you some solace. We can make this daily action as big or as small as we want. I like big. It may not be the largest, most challenging task of the day, but it can sure make you feel good. it is an uplifting moment of frivolous frolicking fun. One more day.

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    Great message!!! Do you have a blog somewhere as well? We are counting down too....113 days to go, then home to CN. Yay for sun, sand, love and Couples

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    Richie - 56 days to our Heart's Home CN - thank you always for sharing your wonderful gift of words with us. I have looked forward to them. I have held onto the words - Thanks so much again.

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    Great message!!! Thank u crabracer, I soooo look forward to the fullfilling messages that u write. I am glad that u r back. It seems that it has been a long time. Thanks again and I can't wait for the next message.

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    "home" soon come Richie

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