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    Default CN - Couples Massage?

    Hello All! Am arriving at CN next week and the wife was wondering if the CN Spa offers a couples massage where we can get one together? Also - are all massages done in the Spa or can you do one on the beach? Thanks!

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    Absolutely! There is a couples massage, which we did during our trip last February. And you can have the massage done in the "tree house", which is a raised platform on the edge of beach. We did our massage there and would "highly" recommend (pun intended!). Enjoy your trip.

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    They do offer a Couples Massage - there is a tree house and I believe a seperate massage hut on the beach you can choose from.

    We arrive on Sunday and will be booking ours as soon as we get there!!!!

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    In 3 previous trips to CN (4th coming up in Oct/Nov), hubby & I have always had our massages together. You can have them at the spa, but for an additional $10 per person you can have them in the Treehouse or the Beachhut. We've always had our massages in the Treehouse or Beachhut. Wonderful & so relaxing with the breeze blowing thru the sheer curtains! Ahhhh.....
    (Don't forget to tip your masseuse. They aren't considered Couples employees.)
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    I don't remember being charged extra, but one thing to consider if you do get massages in the tree house, pay attention to other activities in the area. When we had our massage in the tree house, there were diving lessons going on in the pool below and that distracted me for our entire massage. The tree house was cool, but I enjoyed my massage in the spa building more because I could truly zone out.

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    Thanks so much! Can't wait to do the couples massage next week!

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    Also - are all masseuses female at CN? We've been to many resorts where this is the case so I just wanted to check!

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    Default massages

    Last time we went, we got three couples massages (there was a $500 spa credit going on at the time). We had two different ones in the regular spa and our last one in the tree hut. After we had the massage in the tree hut we wished we had them all there. It was amazing and we must have been there at the right time because it was very quiet and peaceful. Just a note, my first massage was a deep tissue massage and was actually quite painful, even asking for it to be lighter, it still hurt. My husband loved his, but maybe my lady just had exceptionally strong hands! I did not notice any men working in the spa, I think it's only women. And as for tipping, we didn't. Don't know if that was wrong, but if Couples is 'no tipping' I don't want to mess with a good thing.

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