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    Default Can you sunbathe AND swim in the nude at CTI

    So, we're headed to CTI in late July, and I can't find any information as to whether you can both sunbathe on the island as well as swim nude, or if there's another place you can swim in the nude? Anyone know? Thanks!

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    You can swim off of the island, but there isn't a true beach like there is at CN and CSS.
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    You can sunbathe nude.

    You can hang around the pool/swim-up bar nude.

    There are stairs you can take down to the ocean to swim nude but it's VERY shallow and rocky. The island is actually the top of a reef structure so there's not a lot of room to swim.

    The back side of the island would be good for swimming if it weren't for the waves and sometimes very rough water -no one wants to be punded in to the side of the island nake -that would be some nasty road rash.

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    Go out to the island. It is for nude sunbathing. You will also find a pool with a swim-up bar and great bartenders like Damion, Paul, Sean, and Kimoni. Coral reefs surround the west, north, and part of the east side of the island. About 4:00 or so in the afternoon, we usually fed the fish off the north side. You can see beautiful Sargent Majors, and Parrot fish. We also saw three gorgeous Red Snappers and a Moray eel. It is quite an experience. The south side has a dock and a staircase that leads down to the water. It is great for wading and we also took floats down there. You could swim off this side, we were just to lazy and laid on the floats.
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    You are naked on the island and you can swim around the island but it can get a little rough and it is some what shallow with a lot of sea urchins that you can stick yourself on. So you just need to be careful but we have swam thre.

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    We sunbathed naked on the island and also swam a bit in the water on the side facing the resort. There are steps to get down to the water or you can walk from where the boat docks, straight into the water. It's relatively shallow, and I would advise water shoes as there are some sea urchins, but it's an enjoyable way to cool off. As far as I know you can't swim nude off the main beach or the pier, so the island would be it.

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    Its not ideal, but I have and I've even seen people snorkel nude around the island. And there is the pool.

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    Sounds like you need an armared sheild just to swim naked. Really! Is it worth it, that what you need to ask yourself ? ???????

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