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    Default Past Brides- Question!

    I was driving home last night and all of the wedding madness was rushing thru my head when I thought to myself..."how do we transport the rings?" Obviously we will carry on but I fear going thru security or customs and someone snagging them! Even if we put then in our pockets I am thinking they would make us put them on the dreaded belt. I really don't want to wear them until we are married. I know this happens every day successfully so I don't know why I am freaking, but please, someone...tell me how you did it!

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    Hi Gish! We just returned from CN on Sunday. Our wedding was 6/23. I also had this concern about the rings. We put them both in ring boxes and I just kept them in my purse, along with our passports and flight info. Of course, I did not let my purse out of my sight! I felt better having them with us instead of putting them in checked luggage.

    I remember my mind going 100 miles per hour with details...Relax and enjoy! It will all get done! It is SO worth it! Good luck!

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    Maybe you should get fake rings. Then you won't have to worry about anything. :O)

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    We just got married on 6.26 and I just put the rings in their boxes in my carry-on. They don't go off going through the x-ray or anything like that. Don't stress about it!

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    We got married on 6-5 and we put the rings in the boxes in the carry-on back pack and watched it like a hawk.

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