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    Default Excursion questions

    Wondering if anyone can give me some insight on how the off resort excursions work? We were thinking about maybe doing the Bob Marley tour, swim with the dolphins and maybe bamboo rafting.

    If I were to book the tours ahead of time, would I be responsible for finding my own transportation to the excursions or does the agency I book them through usually provide that, or does the resort find me transportation?

    Thank you.
    (11 days until CSS!)

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    We've never booked any excursions prior to arriving. If you book them at the tour desk of the resort you're going to then transportation will be included in the cost. Of course...don't forget to tip your driver!

    Bart & Bug

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    We have always booked our tours from the excursion desk right at CSS. I don't know if you can get a better deal or anything by doing it before you get there. I think the prices are pretty standard. All the things we did (river tubing, zip lining, horse back riding, and Dunn's River) had transportation included, though Dunn's River was also included in our stay at CSS.
    Have a great trip...leave us some rum (we'll be there in 39 days!!!)

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    Thank you, I'll wait to book the excursions through the tour desk at the resort. I appreciate the responses.

    No worries mon, we'll leave some rum for you.


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    My wife and I did the Bob Marley tour last year, booked it at the resort, and transportation was provided for us. It was great! Here's a picture of your ride
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    How far is it to swim with the dolphins?

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    You can book at the resort and everything is taken care of.

    Or you can pre-book through an external service (like Chukka). You can always ask them about transportation when you book or call before you book online.

    I don't know if it's taboo to say this here, but it would have been cheaper to book thru Chukka before we left, especially if you're doing multiple excursions. This is assuming they pick you would be more expensive if you had to pay for a cab. They have a 20% off deal. And, as mentioned, remember that Dunns is included with your resort package, but you still have to reserve that trip (your bus seat, really) with the front desk. Book it on a day when there are no cruise ships.

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    We're going in 2011. Can our $500 resort credit go toward excursions?

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    Default Chukka Bob Marley Zion Bus Tour

    Chukka actually offers two different trips to Bob Marley’s birth place and mausoleum. We took the Zion Bus Tour and enjoyed it immensely. Here is the bus.

    You have a driver and a guide and the guide plays music and tells stories about Bob’s life and music all the way up and back.

    You stop at Bumper‘s Lounge on the way up for a snack and again on the way back for lunch. The tour leaves the resort about 8:00 am and gets back around 2:30 or 3:00 depending on traffic and how many other resorts they have to stop at to drop off guests.
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