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    Default 1st time to CTI 4/16/16

    Looking for suggestions!

    We had planned on getting married but couldn't wait so we tied the knot 12/31/15 and this will be our official honeymoon. fabulous husband will be turning the big 4-0! Neither of us have been, he has never flown or even seen the ocean! Many first you could say!

    For starters, suggestions needed on what I can do to make his birthday special? Does the resort offer anything?
    Are the additional excursions worth it?
    Best drinks?

    Basically anything anyone wants to share we are open to!

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    You are going to love CTI. I spent my birthday there 3 years ago (April 16th as a matter of fact) and we had a wonderful time. You can book a private dinner on the beach or on the island to make the big 40 extra special, of if you don't want to spend the extra money, have dinner at Bayside. Get there before sunset and watch the sun go down behind the hotel during dinner. It's really nice. A couples massage would also enhance the day. Do everything the resort offers: Snorkeling, Glass Bottom Boat, Dunns River Falls, and especially the Catamaran Cruise. Be sure to have dinner at Eight Rivers at least once! If you have have an ocean view room, plan on spending some time out on your balcony with drinks just enjoying the beautiful view and each other. There is an extensive menu of bar drinks...we were particularly fond of Miami Vice and Hummingbird, but you have to do at least one Bob Marley. We never did any of the additional cost excursions...always plenty to do on resort.

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    Congratulations! CTI is fabulous, you will have a great time. When you arrive, immediately after check in, hit the guest services desk to make your dinner reservations- that way you can hopefully get into Eight Rivers or Bayside for your hubby's bday. We prefer Eight Rivers, it's more upscale than Bayside and you will be guaranteed to have a wonderful meal there. As for the rest of the trip, enjoy all of the water sports- on our 1st trip we didn't really take advantage of the Hobie cats, snorkeling, etc and those are tons of fun. If you think that going out to the island would be of interest, don't wait til your last day to do it- people do that all the time and always regret it. Islanders tend to be super friendly and welcoming, and hey- it's your honeymoon, why not? The spa is awesome, and take some time to walk around the grounds, there are some lovely places to hang out and relax. Don't make the rookie mistake of getting sunburned the first day, either! You will have an awesome time, it's a beautiful resort and the food is amazing!

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    As soon as you land in Mobay and get to the Couples Lounge, get a Red Stripe and relax.

    Enjoy the resort, do not feel like that you have to go off site on excursions every day.

    Our Dinner at Eight Rivers was much better than private dinner.

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    We will be there fro 4/16-23rd!! 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Also our first time at CTI .... we will be getting there the week after you (april 23rd to april 30th) .... first time also out of either canada or the US ....

    Gues it makes us real virgins !!!!!

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    2 days, 20 hours, and 13 minutes until we fly out! I'm so excited!

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    Try the island at the start of your trip. If you like it you have the whole trip to enjoy it. If it's not for you, then you won't waste the whole trip wondering "what if..." The catamaran is great! Try everything you can. But just make sure to enjoy each other. Congrats!

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    2 days 17H & 46 mins according to Delta for us!!!!
    I keep checking the weather and this message board! Dangit Im just ready to be there!!!

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    My wife and I love all of the Couples resorts but CTI is our favorite. If you want to do something special make a reservation for a private dinner on the Island itself. You can do this as soon as you arrive at the resort.

    Once the island closes to the day time crown, the evening will start on the dock with champagne and fruit. They then take you over to the island in a boat. You have a table that is all yours along with a waiter and chef who make your meal right there on the island (I recommend the surf & turf). It is a wonderfully romantic setting and is always the highlight of our trip.

    I could go on and on about this experience but I won't. It is a special diinner at a beautiful location with the person you love. That's all that needs to be said.

    Rich & Karen
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