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    When I was checking out of CSA last December there was a couple that had booked their reservation and it was to include a $500 resort credit. They were given a bill for all of their purchases and it didn't include the credit. They ended up paying their bill. The employee told them that they should have received a voucher for the resort credit.
    I just booked my new reservation to return to CSA. Our reservation is to include a $500 resort credit. Will they mail us a voucher ahead of time? Or is the credit in our reservations? I am a little worried to spend $500 that we don't have and then receive a bill.

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    Mention your credit at time of check-in. They will most likely not have it ready. We recieved ours with our rewards package the next day. If you dont, talk to the concierge about it.

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    This is nice to know. No one has ever mentioned this on the message board or in any of the reviews. I would not have thought to ask since, we made our reservations directly through the resort. These are their promotions so, I would have just assumed they would have it written down on the reservation somewhere when I made them. Thanks for the heads up!!!!

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    We were there in April and had booked with the $350 in spa credits and $150 in gift shop credits. We received vouchers for the credits when we checked in and gave them the vouchers when we checked out. No problem.

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