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    How many people have done the resort trading places threw the romance rewards program? Was it worth it? Did you feel like you were stuck at the other hotel and wanted to go back to yours or was it so much fun you didn't want to go back. My main question is, should we burn up half a day at the other resort if were not sure whether we'll like it or not? Hope that doesn't sound too dumb of us.

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    I think its definitely worth it. If you don't want to wait to come back on the prearranged shuttle just grab a cab back whenever you're ready to leave. Shouldnt cost more than $5 for a cab between either CN and CSA or CSS and CTI.

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    We did it last year and will do it again next week. We went with another couple last year and had a nice visit. For us, it reaffirmed our love for CTI however, we we didn't feel trapped. And if you do, you can go back on your own. Just ask one of the bellman to get you taxi. For the CSS/CTI trade, they are only about 5 miles apart. For another couple that went, they loved it so much, they ended up moving to CSS, but then again they were there for 3 weeks and had the time to pack etc. and make the change.

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    We enjoyed it last year. We were booked at CSS and we went to CTI for the day. We had been to CTI 3 thimes before so we got a chance to check out the remodel

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    We have done it at all of the resorts and never felt trapped. We took the time to explore all of the resorts and play in the pools and ocean. The time slipped away before we knew it and it was time to head back to our resort. We really enjoyed the day and didn't feel like it was a waste of a day.
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    Default go for it.

    Was at CTI in May, did the Trading Places perk over to CSS and had a the property overall...would need to book a vacation there to get a true feel of the place...but as everyone else stated if you really don't care for the place take a cab/taxi back.

    Really can go wrong at Couples!

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    I say go for it. Like others have said you can always take a taxi back if you are miserable (which would be unlikely since all Couples resorts are very nice).
    You might however end up loving the new resort more which is what happened to us last week.
    We did the trading places and visited CSS and fell in love with it. It reminded us of the feeling we always get at CSA which is not what we got at CTI - the resort we had booked. We went on Wednesday and as soon as we returned to CTI we signed up to go on Friday as well (as did another couple). If we hadn't already scheduled on off-resort trip for Thursday and we staying longer than Saturday, I would definitely have transferred.

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    We did a trading places visit from CSA to CN and we loved it. It was great to finally get a better look at the place than you get by just peering through the entranceway from the shuttle bus.

    We really liked CN, the pool was lovely and the food was wonderful. Everyone was very friendly and we thought it was a good use of our time. It's a spectacular resort. We still love CSA though, the atrium rooms are our favorite.

    We encourage everyone to try trading places, and to please venture off the resort and support the friendly beach vendors and local businesses as well.
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    We took advantage of the trading places program and visited CSA while staying at CN. Yes, I felt "trapped" while sipping a drink at a Tikki Bar, drifting in the ocean on my floatie, and lounging at the swim up bar, but got over it during a memorable lunch at Sea Grapes. We enjoyed the sights of the 7 mile beach, shopped at the gift shop, visited with the local vendors, and had a great time. We love CN, but after an agonizing decision.... have booked our 2011 trip at CSA.

    There is no way you can have a bad afternoon at a Couples Resort! Go for it!!!


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    I understand what you mean about feeling "trapped." I had done a trading spaces type program during a stay in St. Thomas. It really did feel awkward at the other resort.

    We did the trading spaces from CSA to CN in February. We were warmly greeted upon our arrival and we felt completely at home. It was a great opportunity to finally see CN. We loved it so much, we had to scramble to catch the shuttle at 4:00 because we had lost track of the time. We did meet up with some friends we had met several years ago at Couples, but I think that you will have a great time whether you know anyone ahead of time or not.

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    We visited CN from CSA. It was worth it to see another resort. It helped us painlessly realize that CSA is the Negril resort for us. If I hadn't visited CN, then I might have booked it in the future and been disappointed. It is a lovely resort but CSA has our hearts.

    In Dec we are going to CSS and I look forward to visiting CTI while we are there.

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    We did the trading places from CSA to CN on our last visit. Getting there at 10 AM allowed us to get involved in the resort orientation tour so we were able to become acquainted with where things were and the differences between the resorts. It was definitely worth it as it helped us choose to visit CN on our visit next year. We stayed the whole time but never felt trapped. In fact, it was a nice get away as we were able to do a little comparing and contrasting. You know, if you could take the best of each Couples resort and have your own personal resort it would look like...

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