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Thread: Lobster night?

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    Default Lobster night?

    My husband and I visited CSS in Dec. of 2005 for our 5 year aniversary. We are planning a return trip with friends December 19-23!!! When we visited there was a lot of talk about Lobster night, but we left on the day of lobster night. Do any of you recent guests have any insight as to what night lobster night is???

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    Tuesday night is Beach Party – 7:00 on the main beach

    Wednesday night is Lobster Night – every restaurant offers lobster specialties when in season, July 1 – March 31

    Thursday is Managers Cocktail Party - 6:00 at the main pool deck

    Thursday is Repeat Guest Dinner – 7:00 at Helconia Suites, invitations will be sent to your room

    Friday is Starlight Gala Night – 7:30 on the main lawn

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