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    Default Nov 6~13, 2010 CTI

    First time traveling to CTI... What should we expect of Tower Island? Is November good time to visit CTI?

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    Welcome to the family, new couple. There is a post on here called, "Official November 2010 Thread". You will see all the people, so far, that will be there. Feel free to ad your names to the list. Take my word for it, you are going to love it.


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    Well, that is the time we went last year, and guess what we are heading back the exact same time. The people we know that will be there that week, will make you smile and laugh to the point tears may form on your cheeks.... The weather was awesome, not too hot, mid 80's even a day in the 90's. Tower Island is what you make of it. It can be a quiet private romantic spot where you relax and stare into each other eyes, or you can head over to the swim up bar, hop in the pool and say hello to some new friends....

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    Is it really still in the high 80s in November in Jamaica? That's funny! We will be @ CTI in 09/2011 so does that mean it will still be considerably hot at that time?

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