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    One of out many friends we found at CSA.. She is one of Marley's 3 Little Birds
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    Default Antoher Great Photo

    The View from near the spa.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottandKim View Post
    Our steps to a proper Jamaican tan.
    LOVE IT!!! That pic is great!!! Very creative!!

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    Here are a few from our trip to CN in July. The sand castle one was taken during a day trip to 7-mile beach and the other two were taken on property at CN. We had a great time!
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    Default We had a honeymoon of a lifetime. Fell in love with Jamaica!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottandkim View Post
    our steps to a proper jamaican tan.
    great picure!!!

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    This is from our first trip to a Couples resort (Couples Negril on 8/17 to 8/22).

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    Default July/August Photo Contest

    My wife and I were constantly accosted by the local merchants trying to sell us some goods. You ALL know who I am talking about. So one of these if my wife with a man who we named "Shell". The other, a friendly daily visitor on out balcony and lastly the view from our balcony. Good time!!!
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    Default Our July 2009 Visit to CTI

    These are a few of the many pictures we took from our July 2009 trip to CTI. She's a beautiful resort. Cannot wait to go back!
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    Glenna Hailey
    Jerry Hailey
    Couples Certified and Preferred agency!
    Life's to short to spend it on the couch, find a beach and watch the sunset.

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    Default Couples Negril August 2009

    Just had the best vacation at Couples Negril! We can't wait to go back!
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    The contest allows 3 submissions.

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    Default Css

    Just a few of my favorite things about CSS!
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    A wonderful view of Tower Island our "home away from home"......
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    Couples Nergil May 2006

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    Couples Sans Souci March 2009

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    Couples Negril March 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    The contest allows 3 submissions.
    Sorry, I had looked, and didn't find anything.....I guess just the first three then....but I don't want to take the others down because I wanted to share them. =)

    Thanks for letting me know though! =)

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    Default Cti 7/24-29

    CTI was absolutely amazing, the best vacation I have ever experienced!!!
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    Default Photo Contest

    One of our favorite things about CTI is the history. We love the pictures in the piano bar.

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    But we also think the upgrades are beautiful and kept the feel of the resort.

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    Nuff Said!

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    Default Why Sunset Beach is Famous!

    Why Sunset Beach is Famous!
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    Default photo contest aug.

    Spent our 10 year anniversary at CN and absolutely loved it.
    Spectacular sunset or boat inferno?
    Multi layered sunset
    My wife, Laurie, cruising with the rainbows
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    Default CSA Photo Contest

    1. Jamaican Way of Life: No Worries and No Problems Mon

    2. Trip to Jamaica: $3000
    Private Diner on the Beach: $150
    Feeling like your the only two people in the world: Priceless

    3. The one message you wish you didn't have to see at Couples Swept Away.

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    CN- Photo Contest October 2008
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    Default Tower Isle Tiles

    We came to Couples Ocho Rios (CTI) for our first anniversary (July 4th, 2005) & have been back to our favorite romance destination every year since (except '08 of course). This year we met one of the local artists during the Monday crafts market on the front lawn of CTI & asked if he could do a tile mural of Tower Isle for us to be put on our kitchen wall at home. "Tower Isle Tiles" is the result of the following week's working with the local Jamaican artisans (artist & potter). We actually got the tilework home undamaged (hand-carried) and are excited that it will finally be installed above our kitchen sink as a tile-framed window mural in mid-September! This photo was taken at the local Jamaican Irie Ceramics (just up the road from CTI) right before we headed back home after a wonderful 5th wedding anniversay vacation.
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