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    Nice post Dirtleg

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    Thanks for the great update dirtleg. It almost made me feel like I was back "home". Can't wait for January so we can visit our favourite place on earth again. Have a safe journey tomorrow.

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    Default dirtleg... CSA live update...

    Appreciate the update from CSA! We are considering this resort next February so I'm always anxious to hear the latest comments. I hope you've had a wonderful stay and don't worry about the amount of food you've eaten or lack of sleep - you'll be back to "reality" very soon so ENJOY paradise to the fullest!

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    No one leaves the boat without a life preserver? We were there in April and they were still optional. Did they say what the reason was? There were a few really bad accidents while we were there that they were not prepared for. I wondered if there would be any changes after that.

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    We did not inquire for the reasons for the life preservers. On our last visit, three years ago, they were optional so I was a bit surprised by the clear instructions that they were required by all that entered the water, no exceptions.

    I will post a new thread soon with additional thoughts and observations on our trip.

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