Ok so I really think I'm going insane about this wedding. I'm just so excited, that all I think about is the wedding. I even DREAM about it. One night my mind was racing about picture poses. It was so bad, that I couldn't sleep until I got up and wrote these things down! Then daily I'm on MB for at least 3-4 hours trying to absorb every piece of information I can, so I can be prepared for everything. I'm also constantly looking for wedding stuff on the internet. Its like I live, sleep, eat, and breath, the thought of my wedding. The wedding isn't even until May 2011! Thankfully I already have my dress, so no worries there. I'm thinking I might change my name from "relaxed bride" to "looneybride". Has this happened to any other brides?? I'm starting to think I may be a liiiitle obsessed...LOL. Help someone, please tell me Im not insane!