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    Default Secret Rendezvous July 26-August 2

    First time in Jamaica and for our Honeymoon, so excited but also nervous. We will not know which couples resort we are staying untill a week before. Anyone else ever do this????!!!!

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    We did the sr 2 years ago and ended up at CSS.We had been to CSA 3 times and was a little short on money and saved a bunch by doing the sr.You made a great choice in choosing Couples and I am sure you will have a great time wherever you end up.The waiting is tough though! Have Fun!

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    SR is a great deal if you don't care which resort you get. We did it for our first two trips and got CSS both times. After that we couldn't stand the thought of not getting to go back to our beloved CSS, and we've been booking just CSS ever since!

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