Well, it looks like we might be returning to Couples sooner than I thought. DH and I had planned a second honeymoon at Walt Disney World, but I've broken my foot. It's been in a hard cast for a month and is now in a soft cast and a boot. From what people with previously broken feet tell me, I won't be well enough to walk miles and miles around theme parks by next month. In fact, I might be better off sitting in a lounge chair with a rum cream drink in my hand, you know, for medical purposes.

So, when I worked it out, we can change our vacation to 4 nights at Couples, using the Secret Rendezvous for about the same price as our original Disney vacation.

I have two questions:
1. If you've done the Secret Rendezvous, how did it work out for you?

2. I've heard that CSS is kind of a lot of walking. The Couples customer service person I spoke to said that she could note in my reservation that I broke my foot and wouldn't be able to walk around CSS.
The thing is, I kind of want to try CSS... or at least have a 25% chance at trying it. Is it that much walking?