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    just bumping.

    103 more long and agonising days to go till paradise.

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    Excited to go to CN and miss a week of Iowa winter! We will be there December 28th to January 3rd.
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    Hey Mike and Megan, welcome aboard looking forward to seeing you both on the 28th

    101 more sleeps, nearly into double figures whoo hoo

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    Hello All,

    I just counted and we have 103 days to go. The trip has motivated me to get back on my bike and try to lose a few pounds before I expose my pale torso to other beachgoers.


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    whoo hoo we are in double figures 99 sleeps to go
    I am also dieting, otherwise I will be wearing a sack to get married in !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tag2some View Post
    Hello All,

    I just counted and we have 103 days to go. The trip has motivated me to get back on my bike and try to lose a few pounds before I expose my pale torso to other beachgoers.

    Can't wait to get there!

    I'm picking my gym membership back up in November to give me November and December to hit the weights, the treadmill and get into decent shape.

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    I too have started the diet !!! Guaranteed to put at least 7lbs on in 14days !!! - 3lbs of those usually with NYE buffet !!!
    Ellie - you must be getting so excited - I booked my wedding last year in the Feb and married in July - the few months run up was sooooooo exciting !! Good luck with the diet !!

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    Thank you, have managed to lose 7lbs so far but there is always a dinner to go to and I love my food !
    we have 96 days to go and I have to say it has only just started to hit me that I am getting married very soon, I spend most of my time looking a pictures of weddings at CN and videos of weddings at CN (I must get a life!)

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    It will be fun to do some of the group activities with you all.

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    Rex and Amy will be there 12/25 - 1/1! I can't wait!
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    Hi Rex and Amy have you been to couples before ?

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    This will be our first trip to Couples. I am very excited!

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    excellent, you get to experience paradise for the first time !!

    89 more sleeps to go

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    Will read through to see who will be there when we are too, but my husband & I will be there from Dec 19 - Dec 26, less than 3 months to go!

    Can't wait to spend Christmas in Jamaica (our third time at Couples, first time at CN), instead of snowy Canada!

    Kim & Doug

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    hi all,
    can't wait for vaca... i too am hitting the gym hard!!!
    gene and terry, brad and i are near vineland in NJ...
    starting to get really excited!!!!!

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    I have now taken up jogging and power walking (first time ever in my whole 40 years !) I now have four different hen weekends/nights to get through before we leave for Jamaica, wish me luck !!!!
    83 days and counting

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    Default Xmas and New Year

    Hi all. My husband and I arrived 18th Dec for 22 days. Get away from the UK weather. 1st time to couples although not to the caribbean, we normally spend Xmas and NY there. I have been following all the posts so as to see who and how many people will be there and it looks like we are all going to have a "merry" time. Envious of getingmarried NY Eve, very special. It will be our Wedding Ann the day we arrive, perfect for romantic lobster dinner. Look forward to seeing you all.

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    C'mon Tracie - photo please ???
    22 days - cool - you won't want to go back to UK after so long !!
    Where abouts in UK are you from ??
    I can assure you - you'll have a ball - and the NYE will be the best you have ever experienced !!

    Helen, Worcs, UK.

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    Hi Tracie, I am so envious of you staying 22 days !!!
    Still jogging, lost 9lbs in total so far only another 10lbs to go !!!
    76 more sleeps for me and I am going stir crazy, especially as it has now started to turn colder in the UK, bring on the sunshine
    Off for the first of my four hen party's on the 21st of October, heading to sunny Spain so at least I will get some sunshine in before Christmas.

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    simon sharon matt and sylvia, back for christmas and new year along with sylvia's mum and dad. we (matt and sylv) are getting married on 29th dec. see you all there. ps hi ellie
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    Hi all. We live in Leicester - Im from the north east and my husband is from Leeds. As for photo, we will have to be a surpirse as I dont really do photos!! 10 wks and 3 days to go. Excited, already started mind packing. Does everyone dress up "fancy" for christmas eve and new year eve?

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    Enjoy your hen party Ellie - it'll be one long party now then until Jamaica (where it will continue no doubt!)

    Tracie - we live in Redditch but I too are from Leeds so will be able to spot your husbands accent in a crowd !! And I forgive you for no photo - as long as you promise to find us all out when you're there.

    We have not done Xmas Eve but NYE x 3 and no-one does "fancy dress" but many do get dressed up for the occasion - I always start off in heels and end up in flip flops though !!! But some just wear their "normal" attire which for some can be very low key. Anything goes.


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    Hi Slyv and Matt will be lovely to see everyone again,I am getting too excited now, I can't stand the wait any more, but I guess I don't have a choice really do I !
    It will definitely be one long party from now until Jamaica, have a sing star party to go to this weekend and will be celebrating my younger brother's life on Saturday as I lost him 3 years ago, will remember him with a Tequila shot and a smile

    74 long and agonising days to go !!

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    We were in CTI for 2007 Christmas & New Years Eve. We saw every style of dress from "just off the beach" to cocktail dresses and stiletto heels. So "Do your own thing" is the order of the day.

    Since I am from an older generation I still cling to the quaint idea that one should dress for occasions. that said, I won't be judging anyone else as long as you wash the sand from your to feet when leaving the beach.

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    woo hoo! First ever Christmas away from the family! We'll be at CN 12/21-12/28. CANNOT wait!

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