I just got home from my wonderful wedding at Couples Sans Souci!!! My husband and I wanted a carefree wedding where we could relax and enjoy ourselves. We definetely got that. From the planning to the price, the journey to the I Dos, everything was perfect.
If you are thinking of getting your hair and make up- go for it. They did a wonderful job. Tessa make me look like a movie star. Antonette- the wedding coordinator made the day perfect.
But I really wanted pictures and a video that would stand out. I wanted my family and friends to be able to relive the moment. Diana and Richard really did that. They were outstanding. I got so many pictures that it is hard to chose my favorites, I have a beautiful video, and a slide show, all set to my music. We were not on a time schedule, which was wonderful, because I wanted my pictures to be perfect. They were amazing!!!!

We got up that morning, ate breakfast together, and then just relaxed until it was time to get my hair done. I left my soon to be hubby in the room, and I went to the spa. I was with a friend I had met there, that was getting married an hour after I was. We got our hair and make up done together. I showed Tessa pics of the hairstyle I wanted and I watched her make it happen. Then I decribed how I wanted my make up and she did it. It was perfect. She put flowers in my hair, and I was all set. I was a little late, but the coordinator took care of everything. They took me back to my room, and Diana and Richard were there. They took pics while I got ready. Then Antonette met us, and we went to meet my man! He was waiting at the gazebo. The wedding went perfect, and then we had the signing, cake cutting, and toast. The whole time my music was playing in the background. We also did my sand ceremony. I brought my own glasses and cake knifes, and Antonette made sure they were there. Then Diana and Richard did their magic. We went all over the resort taking pictures, video and it was everything I wanted. They even went up to the room with us and took pics of me skyping with my girls! The best part was trashing the dress! I was amazed at how perfect the pics turned out. Everything was so much better than I imagined!!! Thank you CSS, Diana and Richard!!!