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    Default CN.........What restaurants should we book first

    Just wondering what restaurants we should book once we arrive ..Also on lobster night what would the best choice ...Also is it worth going to CSA for dinner at any of there fine places.....we will be there for 7 nights...

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    There is only one restaurant that requires a reservation..Otaheite. I believe you can only book 2 days in advance. It is delicious, very romantic. All the other restaurants are wonderful as well, especially Lychee.

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    Only Otaheite requires reservations at CN. Dinner menus for all four restaurants are posted near the entry to Cassava Terrace in the morning, so if you don't have a reservation at Otaheite for dinner that evening, you can peruse the menus and chose to have dinner at the restaurant that's offering what appeals to you most.

    When we were at CN in March, grilled lobster was offered at all four restaurants. Presentation might differ a bit, but the lobster was being prepared the same way in all of the restaurants. More recent guests would be able to say whether that is still the case.

    The only way that you can go to dinner at CSA would be to purchase an evening pass for $100 per person. I don't think it would be worth it to pay $200 to have dinner at a restaurant at CSA b/c the food is similar to that being served at CN.
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    thanks so much......

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    they are all wonderful. The only time we have eaten at the Othetia is for the repeaters dinner and we have been there 5 times. We are planning on eathing there 1 night this Dec. Try all of them out and see if you can see if you like 1 more than another. Have a wonderful trip.

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