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    Hi everyone, my husband I will be going to CN this November for our anniversary and my birthday, so we are quite excited! However, I am still debating on choosing the room category. Have been doing some research and it seems like no rooms have a great oceanview? Even the beachfront rooms? Any help on which building and which room category to choose would be great. I am inerested in a room with a nice beach/ocean view. Thanks and hope to see some of you there!

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    We stayed in a deluxe oceanview last November and though it isn't "oceanfront" you could see the beach. Some of the beachfront rooms walk right out onto the beach (I think they are the beachfront suites though). You can choose the category of the room but not the building....and it is best to let it fall where it may because you will love whatever you get. We are going 11/13-11/19. When will you be there? Hope to see you.

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    We will be there 11/06-11/15! We may bump into you! Thanks for your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlieu View Post
    We will be there 11/06-11/15! We may bump into you! Thanks for your help!
    Anytime.....hope to see you there. It is a great place to meet people and have fun with your spouse/significant other.

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    By the way, we have a November post going has slid down a little but will continue to move to the top...keep watching this meet up site and as it gets closer, there will be more people who jump in and alot of times post pictures so you can see who will be there and recognize them at the resort.

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