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    Default CN - private dinner

    We will be at CN in June. I am thinking about doing a private dinner (on the beach) to celebrate our anniversary. Will someone share details about their experience? Does anyone have actual picture of their table from a private dinner?

    I was sent the menu options for the dinner. The thing is, I do not love either of the menus in their entirety. I am having a hard time justifying $170 on a dinner where the menu selections don't "WOW" an AI where my meals are already paid for

    Can someone convince me it is worth every penny?!?!


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    I too would also like to know this information. My future hubby and I will be going soon and I would like this as well for my honeymoon night. Is it worth the money and is it private. Can we order music or have music playing and when you say sand fleas... what does that mean? My first time on a beach and I need to know what are sand fleas and how bg are they and... oh my word. I just want to be happy...

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    Default Worth Every Penny

    I can't speak to CN but we did the dinner on the beach at CSA in February and I know that they follow the same idea and service model. It was fantastic. One of those memories that is a marker for the rest of our lives. The food was wonderful, the service first class and the wine was great. I was like you before we booked but figured as we were there to celebrate my wife's 40th birthday I should splurge...I am so glad we did. To have a meal of that calibre we would have easily spent that amount at any find dining place and this was way nicer. Obviously, the location is the topper to it all but I would be hard pressed to find something that was as enjoyable and memorable for a special event.

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    Before we went last year, I was dying to do the private dinner on the beach.....hubby said we will think about it. I'm glad we did because once we got there and saw the restaurants and the choices of food....I don't think it would be worth it. A nice dinner at Otaheite can be very cozy and pretty private and the food there is fabulous..and already paid for....just my two cents worth.

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    The private dinner is pretty cool. At CN you have 3 options of where to have your dinner. On the beach, in the tree house, or in the garden gazebo.

    You will have your own private waiter who is not responsible for anyone else the entire night. They will have soft romantic music playing or you can bring your own tunes.

    If the dinner isn't completely to your liking you can request something different.

    Is it worth it? Only you can answer the question. It is a very private dinner with just your sweetie. No one else around, just the two of you enjoying some very special time together.

    Chocklate ~ Sand fleas are similiar to 'no see 'ems'. They are microscopic and can leave little itchy welts like mosquitos. We have found using Avon's Skin So Soft can prevent them from biting you. You can also bring bug spray and that will work. The buggers are only on the beach so if you stay away from the beach at night you shouldn't get any bites.

    We had our dinner in the tree house. I'll try to post a pic.
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    Thanks for the replies....I'm still torn. I know it would be a great memory...I should just do it!

    Anyone have any beach pics? That's where I'd want to do it, if I did...although I'm a bit concerned about getting bitten. Who wants to get eaten alive over a nice, romantic dinner.

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    We have done the private dinner twice 1st one at CTI and the second last december at CSS. They are well worth the price.. When we were looking at the menus for them at CSS, we liked some things from both the menus and they accomodated us by combining the two

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    My wife & I booked the top room choice at CN and it came with in-room dinner (I think that is likely close to the beach dinner). It was a great experience, I loved it. But I am not certain I would pay $170 (though I guess I did by getting that room!).

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    Default private dinner on the beach

    We have decided on the Sunset Wedding Package, can anyone tell me if they were happy with it? It is $890. for lhr.

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    my husband & I have been to CN 3 times now; never had the private dinner, but this last trip I did snap a few pics of a beach table all set-up for one. It looked very romantic, however I don't know what they would do if it was raining! Hope these pics help you ....
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    We had one at CN on the beach. We saved it till our last night and it was a very pleasant way to say "good bye." There are two menus which can be modified but what we did was order one of each and just shared it. It is more food than we could eat. It was included in our ultimate wedding package.

    @Cindy's Mom- we had our wedding at CN during sunset. We could not of been happier with it. It rained early in the day and my wife was worried but the sun came out and it was beautiful. Go for it...

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    The pics are great and thanks Coloradojuli for the "bugger" discriptions. I don't want that at all. However i really am looking to have a very special evening with my bae bae... I will wait to get there to see what sight I would want, because again I don't take to keen to bugs or bites. I look forward to seeing all who read this message at my wedding and I wish all the best of luck on their travels. thanks for having me as a part of the Couples Family I'm so excited...

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