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    Default Best Vacation Ever at Couples Negril


    My wife and I stayed at your resort in room 6107 from April 17, 2010 to April 24, 2010. I didn't experience a challenge with your resort and I don't need any assistance. However, I didn't know where else I could let you know what I thought about our vacation. Let me start by saying that we have been to the following S resorts on various islands, GLN and Atlantis Bahamas. In some instances we have paid close to twice as much for our vacations than we spent at your resort and I have this to stay. Your resort smashed all of those other resorts to pieces. They didn't even compare. I really don't even have words to describe how truly amazing your resort is, but I will try my best. From the second that we arrived at your resort we noticed how relaxed the atmosphere was. Let me talk about the physical property itself. It's clean, colourful, quiet, well manicured, insect free, picturesque and beautifully landscaped. The beach is spectacular. It's so quiet and peaceful that I was able to fall asleep on my lounge chair by the beach. Then when I was ready to float in the ocean, I just picked up my lounge chair cushion and hit the water. All this with my drink still in my hand. The room was great. Flat screen TV, nice patio, large bath tub and stocked bar. We spent most of our time hanging around with a group of ten Canadians and Americans and this was only possible because of the atmosphere that your amazing staff created. In fact, one member of our group actually apologized to a member of your staff because she was in a bit of a foul mood when she arrived at the resort. Anyhow, let me get to the real reason for this message. All of the resorts that I mentioned above basically look the same and they offer similar amenities, however, what sets your resort apart is your staff. I truly hope that this message reaches them because they are truly the ones that deserve the praise for the success of your amazing resort. I have never sent this type of message in my life. However, I felt compelled to because I felt that I would truly be doing your staff a disservice by not letting you know how truly amazing they are and how truly amazing they made us feel. The warmth of the experience still resonates inside of me when I think about the experience that I had at your resort. I know that I am probably leaving a lot of people out of this list but I was so impressed by your staff that I felt compelled to mention specific staff members by name:

    O'Dane (Water Sports): Took us for a Hobie Cat ride and a snorkeling excursion. He provided professional, attentive service and sought us out almost every day to look after our needs.

    Marcia: She kept our room in order for most of our stay. The room was cleaned and organized before noon on most days. She made sure and checked on us before she left work for the evening.

    Nelka (Cabaret Event Co-ordinator): What an amazing spirit. Even though we were too lazy to participate, she invited us to activities and events every day. She also made sure that our drinks were always topped up on the beach. Every day she would greet me with a "Hey Trinni".

    Amanda (Server/Trainee): A delicate flower with a beautiful smile. Quiet, dignified, friendly service.

    Andrew (Server): Friendly beach drink service with a smile.

    Glassford (Heleconia Grill): Line cook. First meal in Jamaica. Excellent jerk chicken. Even in those hot conditions, always with a friendly smile.

    Deston (Guest Relations Co-ordinator): He was our main point of contact for al of our needs and reservations. If we asked Deston for something, it got done. Professional, friendly and efficient.

    Tassia (Beach Bar Service): Wow, what a beauty. Great personality, excellent service. Made our vacation great.

    Aldeen (Grounds Crew): Greeted us every morning on our way to the beach with a friendly hello and a hand shake. This extends to all of the grounds crew that he worked with. However, Aldeen was kind enough to cut a fresh coconut for us every day so that we could have our coconut water. He would even come to our seats on the beach and cut the coconuts open so that my wife could eat the jelly.

    Evon (Server-A La Carte Buffet Restaurant and Beach Buffet): Excellent, friendly service.

    Personal Trainer (Gym Facilities): He helped my wife (after asking my permission) to discover new muscles that she didn't know she had. Thanks for pushing her to work out harder. As you know, she would never listen to me.

    Adrian (Server-Otahetee Restaurant and Italian Restaurant) The best for last. What a star. In fact, I thought that he had an identical twin because he seemed to be filling my drink while serving the meals at the same time. This guy is amazing. He never wrote single thing down but he brought every thing that we requested, including my very complicated drink choice.

    Speaking of my drink choice, I only had to tell most of the servers and bartenders my drink ingredients only once and after that they had it down pat. Not an easy task considering the ingredients were as follows:

    Double shot of Appleton Estate
    Single shot of Coco Mania
    Orange Juice
    Pinapple Juice
    Dash of Grenadine
    Angostura Bitters
    Shaken on the rocks.

    See, not an easy task.

    Needless to say, we will not even consider going anywhere else the next time we come to Jamaica.

    I don't know what you've done to your staff to make them so amazing but you should put it in a bottle and sell it.
    I've never experienced service that great and on that level. Like I said before, I'm probably missing some many people from my list but unfortunately, I gave part of my list to another member of my group who wanted to say thanks also. She said she would e-mail the contents of the list to me but as you know, we work just as hard as your staff does. It probably got lost in the shuffle of her busy life.

    I can't say thank you enough for giving us such an amazing vacation. You've set very high standards and I hope that you are able to maintain them.

    Like I said before, it's the staff that made our vacation. And it's what we didn't pay for that meant the most to us.

    The friendly hellos and smiles.

    Would you please let us know if you receive this. We would really appreciate it.

    Kerry McDonald
    Valerie Fernando
    Toronto, Canada

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    Wonderful review and I agree that the staff at CN are outstanding.

    I can guarantee that the staff will get your praise. Randymon will pass along your compliments to their managers.

    Thanks for taking the time to write about the staff. It is the best way to reward them for their hard work.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    All I can say is WOW!!! We r going to CTI 09/11 and hope that our experience is as fabulous as yours. Great review! I am so glad that u both had a wonderful and amazing time. What is the name of that drink? It sounds delicious. I too have been to many other resorts so, I can't wait to try a new, different and exciting resort. Thank u sooo much for the review.

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    Great review and comments. Glad you enjoyed your stay. We felt very welcome on our trip and going back next June.

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    Welcome to the "Couples Family"! Now you know why we refer to returning as "going home"! Nick and I will be going home for the 7th time in October. Can't wait.

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    Fuzzy and Warm inside Couples does it to you.
    Thanks for your review, and yes, now you know why so many of us return.
    Money hard earned, well spent at Couples.
    One love,

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    Great review and I want to double up on your comments regarding Nellie (Nelka). That fantastic young lady is the essence of what everyone describes as the friendly attitude of the Jamaican people and Couples employees in particular. She seemed to be everywhere at all times, both day and night, and I often kidded her about never getting any sleep. And always, always, always with a bright smile and can-do attitude.

    In fact, one day after she finished her shift, instead of leaving and doing whatever one would do after departing work, she stuck around and joined a bunch of us on the snorkel trip. She said she had been wanting to try it so this was her perfect opportunity. She loved it of course, I mean I don't think she's capable of disliking anything!

    A true gem, CN is soooooooo fortunate to have her there.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Just visited CN in April and have to say that 100% of the employees from the seasoned to the trainees were just wonderful. Not a bad one in the bunch!

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    That is a great review and let me tell you... we have been to CTI and CSA and the quality of the staff is just as good. That is one of the reason we go back every year. I know that if we go somewhere else now it will just be disappointment. Going home to CSA the end of October!
    Thanks for the review. The stuff really deserve the credit for making Couples the most amazing place on the planet!

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    Jamaica Lover

    I sincerely hope that I got to meet you at the swim up bar and introduced you to a Bob Marley drink.

    Great review and I'm glad that you got to remember all those names. They are now your Coupleholics Family.

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    OK, so now I'm really excited!! We go for the first time next January. So long....

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    i have to second the comment that Kerry and Valerie stated, the staff at cn is above the rest. The waiter Evon was very concerned of all our wants and made us feel like a king and Queen. One night after dinner we went up to the piano bar for dancing and my wife left a very nice jacket down in the area where Evon was waiting on us, he actually came up and found us and ask if we left a jacket- again above and beyond, i tried to get him to hang out since his shift was over and all he talked about was his baby at home and couldn't wait to go home and be daddy. This young man has great inspirations and i look forward to seeing him in growing up the couples ladder upon my return. I must also give shouts to Diana the new one of the entertainment staff, i don't know if you have a school for doing that but she came in running. she is a very nice young lady and i know she will be nothing but a asset to cn. This resort is what getaways are all about, i mean from top to bottom- it's very enjoyable. So keep doing what you do and i'll be back before you know it
    Brett & Adonica
    New Jersey

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    Thank you for your review! We leave for CN one month from tomorrow! I don't think I can be anymore excited!! Will be getting married while there...YES, very excited!!

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