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    We will be arriving in sunny jamaica in a few weeks for our honeymoon. i read on the couples website they you need to bring proof of your recent marriage to get the honeymoon package. What proof do you need to bring?

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    Marriage certificate showing your recent marriage date would be enough proof

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    We'll be there on our honeymoon too from June 1st to June 8th. When will you be there?

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    we will be there 6/6 - 6/16

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    You can bring almost anything that has the date on it... Invitation, program, newspaper announcement....

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    congrats!!! we are leaving tomorrow morning for our honeymoon. you can just bring an invitation with you (thats what we are doing)

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    this is what cti told me i need to bring, "Acceptable proof of wedding date includes copies of marriage licenses or certificates."

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