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    Default facts about secret rendevous

    I have been to couples swept away 3 times. To save some money and try a different resort we might look into the secret rendevous plan. Just a few questions do you have to book 2 months before you leave? because on the website I'm a little confused it looks like they have 1 and 2 month option. Was the plan worth the money saved? And has anyone been extremely upset with what they got?.Do you always get the lowest grade room? can you do this with other couples? any other information would help. Thanks

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    Unfortunately, I can only answer one of your questions.

    Do you always get the lowest grade room?
    Answer... No... what you get is "Run of House", which is to say, they will put you into the accommodation they have available. This IS likely to be the least expensive room class, but then, who knows?

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    You can book anywhere from 1-2 months out, shoot you can book a week out. As long as they have availability you can book.

    You can also book with one other couple, but you need to contact Couples when you book so they know to link your reservations together.

    Only you can decide if the money savings it worth it. You just need to be willing to stay at any of the resorts and I don't think you will be disappointed.
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    My fiance and I chose to do the secret rendezvous because we decided kinda last minute that we could actually go on vacation! It was the nicest resorts for the money so we figured we couldn't lose! We ended up in San Souci and our room wasn't the lowest! Actually, I believe ours was one of the higher grade rooms! We met a couple there that paid a few 100 more than we did and we saw their room compared to ours.. we definitely got the better deal! The only problem about ours was it was in G.. which is kinda far away from a few things and that's only a problem when you get a lil' too tipsy! It takes FOREVER to walk back to your room!

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    Default Savings

    Here is my concern with booking a SR: isn't the money you save on the room cancelled out by the fact that booking airfare that close to your departure date means that airfare will be more expensive than if (for example) you had booked airfare months prior? It just seems like the increase in airfare would cancel out room rate savings (or am I just nuts?).

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    Default SR Savings

    I think airfare only increases dramatically within two weeks before the flights so as long as you book SR before that you should be fine. We went to CSA two years ago for our honeymoon and it was significantly more expense than SR this year even though we made our plane tickets approximately the same amount of time in advance.

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    I think you fly into MBJ regardless of which resort you choose. Thus, you can book airfare well in advance of choosing your resort.

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