We arrive at CSA on Sunday, May 16th for our wedding and honeymoon. I started out SUPER excited about this whole trip. I'm now second guessing my decision. I think my expectations are so high that I will be let down. Plus I'm having second thoughts about the Garden Verandah Suite that I choose. It looks like it's too late to upgrade because the only rooms available are the Garden View Rooms. I should have did more research on the rooms before I choose the Garden Verandah Suite. We want to enjoy sitting on our verandah without the distraction of all the noise from the road. Plus reading reviews from other message boards that are not so positive doesn't help. My fiance has been to Mexico and Hawaii and I really think he is going to compare CSA to those glitz and glam hotels in Cancun and Acapulco and also be let down. Oh well, at least I get a week away from work :-)