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    Well I am leaving in less then 48 hours and still have NO CLUE what I am going to do with my hair on my wedding day! I know go to the salon, but money is very tight and it took everything to just make this trip. If I upgrade flowers, purchase photos ect... It may just be over my budget to get hair done also. My guy wants me to wear it down and I know that is going to be a bad idea with the humidity. Do you all think I should just grant him this one wish, as I have made every decision up till now? Guess if worse comes to worse I stick it up in a clip? "ugh"

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    Personally, I would wear my hair the way I felt most comfortable and beautiful. You might just wait and see what the weather is like.

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    I'm thinking of getting senegalese twists so that i wont have to worry too much about doing my hair or washing it everyday? Any thoughts?

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    There is a bride on here that had twist. They were very attractive on her. She posted a few pics under our wedding

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