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    Default SCUBA - Best dive sites - C.N. or C.S.A.

    We are Scuba nuts so, we like to dive twice every single day when at Couples and are currently planning a return to Jamaica.
    Having stayed at C.N. for a total of 28 days in 2009 (2 trips), we got to dive most of the dive sites around Bloody Bay.
    C.S.A. is also an optione so, would they take us to a different set of dive sites and are the dive crew as fantastic as the guys at C.N.
    Thank you for your comments / thoughts.

    Ian and Vanda (England)

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    I don't dive, but we do try to do the snorkeling, and I can tell you that most of the resorts down at that end of the strip use the same three or four reefs for snorkeling.

    I suspect that they also all use the same dive sites. I've heard some of the divers talk about them by name, but I don't recall any of them.

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    I think they use the same ones, at least some of them. There is a big map of all the sites at CSA and they reach all the way over to CN. It's not just Couples that uses these dive/snorkel sites. We often see boats from Sandals, Beaches, Hedonism, etc. at the same sites while we are there or when we are about to leave.

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    CN & CSA take you to the same dive sites. And CTI & CSS take you to the same dive sites on that side of the island.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Not sure why I have this link saved, but here is a past thread regarding Negril Dive sites. Hope it helps!

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    the two resorts are very close together. The snorkeling as well as the scuba diving are mostly to the same sites. You will likely dive on the same sites from either resort.

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    If you do a search you may find a topic with a list of the dive sites that Couples uses. Someone had it broken down to depths. I think CSA and CN probably use the same ones. BUt not sure.

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    Ian and Vanda,

    I am also a diver and would like to do some diving while at CN in November. What was the diving like at CN? Sounds like its a good dive operation. Did you bring your own equipment or just the mask snork and fins? How were the reefs and visibilty, avg depth etc?

    Not a huge fan of the cattle was it at CN?

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    More dive info, some the same and some a bit different:

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    The diving is great around both resorts. We stay at CN and took our course and dive with Sugar. If its your first time make sure Sugar is your instructor you'll have the best time ever!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by busymom View Post
    Not sure why I have this link saved, but here is a past thread regarding Negril Dive sites. Hope it helps!
    I think that would be the link I was talking about trying to find. Great job.

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    I'm not sure if I am "any wiser", however thank you for your comments anyway.
    Ian and Vanda

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    Default Scuba question

    Have a trip to CTI end of June & would like to scuba dive. However I have read somewhere that you need a doctors release to be able to dive... is this a mandatory requirement?? As I do not plan to make a trip to the doctor for just this reason as I am in good health & good shape???
    Any advise would be helpful.

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    Not unless things have changed, but I don't think so. Of course the "safe" thing to do is make sure you are healthy enough to dive, but a release is not required.
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    You will have to fill out a medical form, and if you answer "yes" to any of the questions, you will have to get a medical clearance to dive. There is a copy of the form (standard PADI form) somewhere on the website.

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