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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    SHe has a Powershot G10, it appears.

    Nice pics.

    She needs to teach me how to use my G9.

    Again... WOW! (And thanks for the sticky, Randy.)

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    Default Enjyed your post so much!

    My hubby & I honeymooned, had our 2nd & 10th anniversaries at Couples Negril. Your post made me smile & feel like we were separated at birth :-). Brent & I are going back 5/23-5/30; you made me all the more anxious to leave (I've been packed for a week already with 21 days to go!!!)

    Anyway, can't wait to follow the link to your pix; couples is the ultimate vacation when you get a chance to "ditch" the kids, isn't it? (2 daughters 16 & 21)

    Thanks for your post!

    Leah V

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    I am so glad this was made a sticky! Great pictures!

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    Wonderful! You have a good eye. Saw my husband getting champaign at the chocolate sunset.

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    OMG! OMG! Your pictures are absolutely, positively, OUTSTANDING, with a capital O! Your can feel the honesty and passion in your work! The way you captured everything was just perfect. I noticed on your blog that you've gotten the attention of Couples management. Good Luck! Now, if there's any chance you'll be at CTI on 10/9/10, I'd love to talk to you about photographing my wedding there! Awesome Work!

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    Default Awsome Pictures!

    We went to CN 04/07-04/13 it was awsome, I want to show the other couples that went with us. We have two young girls so we won't next year but maybe in two!

    Thanks for sharing,


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    Amazing, incredible, and gorgeous photos! You have an amazing gift, and I'm so happy you are sharing that gift with us Thank you for making me feel like I was back "home" again

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    your pics are AMAZING makes me want to change my trip from CSA to CN :-/

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    I have tears in my eyes! Your photos completely captured the essence of CN! We were there for the first time in March- your photos remind me of "home" and remind me of why we are going back.

    I agree with the others...if you could go to CSS, CSA and CTI, you'd have plenty of fans awaiting your photos! And they could make our decision about which Couples to go to next much easier!

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    Beautiful photos and wonderful words to go with them. Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you found something special.

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    Amazing Pics, makes me want to change my reservation from CSA this year to CN.

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    Fantastic job!!! We will be leaving on the 20th for 8 nights and our fifth year in a row at CN. The pictures made me feel as if I was already there. I didn't see a picture of the tree frogs? I guess that you had better come home soon and take care if that. Thanks for the preview.
    Baxter & Luann

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    Default For the Love of Love!

    I am so thankful for all of the wonderful comments.

    I seriously think every couple should go to Couples Resort at least once! It should be a prerequisite that goes along with marriage. ha! Just for the love of love! It's a right of passage much like Disney land is to a kid (and it's just as magical if you ask me).

    Today we had a blizzard come through. Yes, a blizzard in May. I'm starring out my window at blowing snow, and I have that itch to get on a plane and go back to Jamaica.

    We would love to try the other Couples Resorts, but we fell in love with Couples Negril, I can't imagine going anywhere else now! I'm shocked that I was able to fall head over heels for a location in just a few days.

    Anywhoooo, to everyone that took the time to e-mail me and comment here and on my blog, you touched my heart with your comments.


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    you are amazingly talented. Thank you for sharing your photography.

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    Nice work.

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    nice pictures, thanks!
    CN-July 2006
    CSA-July 2009
    CSA-July 2011

    Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow you may die.

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    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics! We were married at CTI in Feb and miss Jamaica dearly! We were trying to decide which Negril side Couples resort to visit for our 1st anniversary when we came upon your post. CN it is! I think I will take a photography course while I count down the days. You have inspired me!

    Candace and Darryl

    As I write this in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada It is snowing! In May! Imagine! We know exactly what you are going through!

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    One word...STUNNING! If you entered any of those in the photo contest you would win! Thank you for sharing with us!

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    OUTSTANDING! You made me very homesick for CN! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

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    I want to send this post back to the top because Christine's photographs are amazing. You have a great eye for photography. I love how your photographs tell stories without words and the you position the camera to off center certain pictures. Amazing work!

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    Truly Amazing!

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    Default One of the best

    That has to be one of the best photo reports I have ever seen. Great Job

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    Thanks for your kind comments. I can not wait to go back and add to my Jamaica album.
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    I have just found these absolutely amazing photos of CN. What an extremely talented photographer this lady is!!
    Thought that by sending this back to to the top of the message board, many newcomers will be able to take advantage of seeing them.
    Thanks to Christine for sharing them with us.

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    I agree - we are waiting for our 8th trip home to CN and she captured the heart, soul and passion of this resort, staff and guests

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