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    My dad is a tennis player, so he won't need the instructor at CN to show up him how to play, but will there be possibly a staff member to play with him? Or maybe a sign up sheet for people looking for players?


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    All he needs to do is go talk to the tennis pro there. It's best to deal with the resident pro (not the traveling pro) or resident assistant tennis pro to set something up. Last year when we were at CN, Lakesha was the assistant and her dad is the pro at CSA - she brought her dad, Ashford, over from CSA (during his time off) to play with my husband (a 5-rated player). They were incredibly helpful and my husband really enjoyed them.

    The traveling pro can also be helpful in recommending other guests to play with, but usually they aren't 5-rated players. There are quite a few good Jamaican players around.

    Tell him to not pass up the opportunity to play! But do it in the morning - it's very easy to get dehydrated there later in the day.

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