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    Default Anniversary Celebration Ideas

    Hi Everyone:
    My husband and I will be celebrating our 15th year Anniversary while at Couples Swept Away and I wanted to do something special without spending a whole lot of extra money. We have already had the massage together and the meal on the beach...any other ideas that won't break open my tiny piggy bank? Thanks alot. I love this message board. Great idea!

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    I am in the same boat. What can you do that is romantic, for a guy, and not expensive? We have are already planning the couples massage and the hubby has said he does not want the dinner on the beach.

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    Maybe a vow renewal?

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    My husband and I are also celebrating our Anniversary, but for us it's our 32nd, we've been a couple for almost 40 years. Our first major trip together just happened to be CSA that was in 1997, and it was for my sister-in-laws wedding.

    We both have been yearning to come back, but he had a terrible experience with his ears on the last trip, he said Bren, I need to find some really good ear plugs, I said for what??? he said baby We're going back ... to CSA... I cried like a baby! All I could say was THANK YOU!!!!

    He said .. oh Bren, I really can hardly contain myself, I can't WAIT TIL MAY 28.

    All we look forward to right now is that beautiful SEA, as long as we can be together nothing else matters.


    Brenda & Leo
    From Maryland

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    Couples has a special trip that just the two of you can take. I'm not sure of the cost, but they will take you out on the dive boat with snacks and drinks to watch the sunset in the ocean. Contact CSA and you can find out the cost. I don't think it is much more than the cost of the private dinner.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default Anniversary ideas..

    SNW & Summervillecutie,
    My Hubby and I were at CSA, first week in March for our 20th. I wanted this trip to be ultra special for him. I too wanted to celebrate why we were at CSA in the first place.
    B/4 we went on the trip, I bought 7 cards (one for every day). I spent a lot of time picking out the right cards, but I think what really go to him, was what I actually had to write in every card that I gave him every day. I also gave him small gifts every day. Just little things that were easy to wrap and pack so that he would not find them... I think I spent a total of $150.00
    Every morning as we would enjoy our coffee on our wonderful verandah, I would give him a card and a gift.
    It was a wonderful way to start out our day... he even cried after reading some of the cards.
    When we returned, we were unpacking, I found all the cards I gave him and asked him what he wanted to do with them. He told me that those little cards meant the world to him and that besides being in paradise together, those little cards were what made this trip so special to him.

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    Other than just enjoying the resort together, I can't think of any "special" things to do without spending a few bucks. We went to CSA for our 25th anniversary and had Vow Renewal ceremony on the beach. Cost the same as the private dinner, but we are glad we did the ceremony rather than the dinner. We both enjoyed it very much. It was very romantic and special with several "guests" that we had met at CSA in the days before.

    A liesurely dinner at Feathers can be a very nice way to spend an evening without extra cost. Then stroll down to the martini bar and back to the piano bar and Aura night club for dancing to top off the "evening out".

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    I guess it depends on what u like to do. Our frist trip to CN was for our 30th anniversary. We spent the whole week just sitting on the beach, drinking and eating. Was the best week of our life, just relaxing and spending time together. No interruptions, no phones, no kids/grandkids. We are going back for our 5th visit this Dec. It is one wk out of the yr we just relax and enjoy each other. Have a wonderful vacation.

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    Thanks for the great ideas everyone. I will be getting cards tomorrow and already contacted CSA about a vow renewal. Thanks again everyone.

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    wow the cards idea is great.

    one thing we really enjoyed was finding a secluded hammock after dinner one night and just sitting with a drink talking, laughing , reminiscing and looking up thru the palm trees at the stars and listening to the tree frogs.
    i still remember those moments..


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