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    Default First timers to CSS - Can't wait!!!! Room selection and Wine list?

    Hey all we are first timers to couples and have to say that we are soooooooo excited to embark on our first adventure. From what we have read through the message board this is an experience that is very hard to duplicate (unless you come back!)We have seen messages going back and forth about which rooms (blocks) are the best from what we are leaning towards we are thinking F or G block (are we crazy?) we don't mind the stairs (in fact we can use the work-out) and want a touch of privacy.

    As well we are self proclaimed wine'os - we were wondering about the selection (for a fee) at the restaurants. How comprehensive selection, and is the resort opposed to having us take a few bottles back to the room?

    Anything all of you can help us with is very much appreciated - 17 days and counting until we hit paradise!
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