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    I know this question has been posed recently about the make and model of the ipod dock in the rooms at CSA BUT I did not want to hijack -
    My question is will the dock fit my iPhone 3G....?
    I want to be able to use my iPhones Ipod feature but if it will not fit I have my own mini speakers I could bring... please reply if you know the facts..
    Thank you,
    9 sleeps and a wake up...whooo hooo

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    Yes, it fits all new ipod models that use that longer thin connection (30 pin). It works with the Iphone.

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    Your Iphone 3g will work. My wife and I returned home from CSA yesterday It is a beautiful place. I used my ipod touch and it fit fine, so you should be good to go. Go see the bartender Dermon at the Aura Lounge, he works Monday-Saturday around 10:30pm - until..... tell him Kevin from South Carolina sent you to see him.... he knows me as the "Purple Rain guy". Best bar tender on the island, and he is so fun. Enjoy your stay.

    One Love....

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    Hi Just returned home from CSA, I was able to use my touch in the docking station to listen to music, but it would not charge it. So I used it sparingly until our friends arrived then they let me use their charger.

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