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  1. Default Missing CTI, very depressed

    I have been very depressed lately knowing that I might not be able to go to CTI this year......
    Got a promotion at work, which is great! but that also means puting me on salary and losing 30yrs a week overtime, which means a huge paycut!!!! got to love this economy....
    This is going to sound bad but I am hoping the fees for cancelling the trip will be outrageous and will not justify cancelling and just put it on a credit card, which we really do not want to do.
    I dont know what i will do without the sun and ocean breeze for a week, it doesnt help that my computer desktop has a picture of the view from our room and seeing tower isle.
    there really isnt any point to this post besides needing to vent. so everyone who will be at CTI in late august, early september, please think about me and my payctu.

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    I'm sorry you won't be seeing your beloved CTI this year. We are in a similar boat this year, but it is CN that we will be missing. Since I lost my job due to medical reasons, we can't afford to go this year, but...we are on the Love Away plan for 2011 and we will definitely be going back then. That is what will help me get through this year.

    Perhaps you could afford to do the same thing?
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    sounds good to me! I will have to look into it! Thank you for the info!

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