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    Hi All !! Anyone know how late the Couples Lounge at the MB airport stays open ? We don't arrive until 8:30p. Want to be sure to get a Red Stripe still (oh ya, and a ride to CSS too).

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    Will NOT be a problem... just be sure you have contact information for Couples in case things get delayed... they'll have someone waiting for you.

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    It will stay open until the last couple for the day is on a bus headed "home".
    Juliann & Jeff
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    The Couples lounge @ Mobay airport I believe is open 24/7

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    It's no problem, mon. As long as they have your flight info, they'll be open. Red Stripe is yours.

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    NO problem with ride, which probably no problem getting your first Red Stripe.

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    This is a very good question. I never thought of this. I will eagerly be waiting on someone to respond.

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    Hi Boostdga - Due to a long 6-hour flight delay last year, we didn't land at MB until after midnight and the Couples Lounge was open then. You should have no problems. They'll have plenty of Red Stripe on ice waiting for ya!!

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    It will stay open for you... we also arrived at 8:30, which translated to us getting to the lounge at 9:15 after customs and all that, and the guy was waiting and ready for us! got our drink but didn't hit the road until around 10, as we were waiting for another couple who never showed.

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    Is Red Stripe all you can get at Couples Lounge???

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    Red Stripe, Pepsi or bottled water.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We had a very bad travel experience one year that started with a delayed flight and led to numerous flights to get us to Jamaica. To make a very long, very ugly story very short, instead of landing in MoBay as scheduled at 2:30 p.m., we were 12 hours late and landed at 2:30 a.m. We had contacted Couples with each new flight and new arrival time to inform them of what was happening.

    We proceeded to Immigration and awakened the lone immigration officer, and after clearing customs, we proceeded to the Couples desk (this was before Couples had a lounge), fully expecting to have to sleep on the floor until a decent hour of the morning.

    We were very surprised to find a driver waiting for us at the desk. While there wasn't a Couples employee at the desk, Couples ensured that we weren't left stranded and had a ride ready and waiting for us. We arrived at CN at about 4 a.m., very tired but happy that we could grab a few hours of sleep in a bed and then spend the morning recovering on the beach.

    Just provide Couples with your flight information and relax. Couples will take care of you.

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    Red Stripe is not all you can get at the can get Red Stripe Lite also.....
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