View Poll Results: Am I a Couplesholic?

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  • I think about my favorite Couples Resort daily

    68 86.08%
  • I am addicted to the Couples Message Board

    72 91.14%
  • I start planning my next Couples Experience a year in advance

    55 69.62%
  • I drive my family crazy talking about going to Couples

    46 58.23%
  • I drive my fellow workers nuts with my talk of Couples Resorts

    42 53.16%
  • I have Jamaican art and decor all over my rooms

    24 30.38%
  • I cry like a baby when my vacation comes to an end

    28 35.44%
  • I try to recruit new Couplesholics

    57 72.15%
  • I am a Couplesholic and proud of it

    66 83.54%
  • Are you a Couplesholic?

    41 51.90%
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    Default Am I a Couplesholic?

    Am I a Couplesholic?

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    My best friend is a travel agent. She is the one who talked us into going to CN in the first place. She does not understand why we keep going back to the same place over and over again. She has never been to Couples. I am a Couplesholic and glad of it.

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    I clicked on everything with the exception of art all over my walls, I have some but not all over. So I am definitely a Couplesholic...and it's a beautiful thing

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    Of COURSE, we're Couplesholics... but we have it under control... really... we only go to our favorite resort (SweptAway) every 12-18 months...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    I could honestly check every one

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    Oh yes, we marked them all, definitely a Couplesholic!
    Kevin & Angie

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    You need to tell your TA to spend a week at CN and she will find out for herself what she has been missing.

    When you find a little piece of Heaven who wants to give it up!

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    I would say that I'm definitely a Couplesholic. This will be my 163rd post on the new mb.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

    Admin - Couples Resorts Photos - flickr group
    Admin - facebook/CouplesResortsJamaica

    CSS: 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013
    CN: 2013

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    Yeah mon, I'm a Couplesholic, definitely.

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    I havent been to couples yet..(293 days to go) but i find myself checking this board and looking for new pictures of the resort every day!! ...I guess I'm predisposed to the addiction...

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    I admit I checked all except one. I get sad when I leave but have not actually cried. I do have an "Island Room" and think about Jamaica a lot.

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    They call you a Couplesholic in training!

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