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    Default Lost and Found... CSA April 17

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    Have you seen this hat Tracey left her favourite hat on the table in the lobby when we got on the bus Sat morning. I called the concierge but he said nothing was turned in. It means alot to her. If you have seen the movie "Ice Age" the squirrel with the nut.... now your getting the picture.
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    I thought I saw a post here in the last day or two about this hat... I was confused as to whether it was posted by the finder or the loser

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    Sorry to hear that Ron... What a beautiful picture of Tracey.

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    Look a little further down on the message board. There is a post from Billy Mac. Looks like he found Tracey's hat...
    Loved that squirrel.

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    It was on the table that Morning. Your bus left 5 min after ours. I thought it was hers and was going to bring it to the airport. I was just nervous that i would not see you at the airport so I left it on the table. Sorry.

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    I don't know where the hat is, but this picture is gorgeous. I hope someone can tell you where it is.

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    Sorry I didn't see your post previous Billy Mac. Ya that was it. I don't know who picked it up but I called back down and no one turned it in. It's not the cost of the hat but the value to her. I've searched online and cant find one too replace it
    It is a peaceful looking pic isn't it

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    oh no! sorry ron, we didn't see it.
    Erika & Sean

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    Default check this link. this looks a lot like it

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