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    Well, when you allow for the fact that it's almost 211 days to November 1st, maybe some people haven't yet finalized their travel plans?

    Or, those few of us who have finalized, are going to have the resort nearly to ourselves...

    I mean heck, looking at the list of attendees so far, there's one couple arriving the day before me and my wife depart, and another arriving the day we depart...

    Hmm, does this mean we'll have all the staff at our beck and call?

    Jason & Kathy
    210 days
    15 hours
    55 minutes
    40 seconds

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    I wasn't even going to visit over here. For one thing, our next trip in November is about 194 days away. That is a very sobering thought. At this point, it may seem as though they will never get here. trust me. They do get here.
    In 13 days, we will be home once again. The April Amigos will have been and gone. I wonder how I will feel after we get back from this next one?

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    Default Booked

    We are gonna be there from Nov. 23 to Dec 3. Second time to Jamaica, First time to Couples can't wait!!

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    Default Reply To Richie

    I really wasn't expecting you to open this board Richie, at least not until the day after you get home from your April Amigos trip LOL. Here's hoping you all have a wonderful time this April, and I'll see you on this board in a couple of weeks. At that point your April trip will be a memory and you'll be longing for November like the rest of us on this posting.

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    I was just lucky enough to see this post today, April 16. And I was just thinking the same thing. "Boy, November is a long time out". But after having that thought and thinking 'how long till then', I think the thing that saves many of us from really going over the top, so to speak, is the monthly groups. "Right now, I am an April Amigos. Just have to get there in 4, that's right, 4 days.
    As yet, the November countdown is still but a dream.
    Soon, that dream will begin to awaken and will take us to through a lot of the summer and fall months. By then, we will need each others support to count down to double digits, single digits, and there we are again.
    T & P, we couldn't have imagined how that first trip to Jamaica in 1993, at Boscobel Beach Resort. Gorgeous.A little dated. Used to belong to Playboy Club, and they broadcast from the resort in the mid 60's. I use to watch the show.

    sorry, I digress. a terrible thing for a writer, hard sometimes to stay focused.

    We need to come up with a name for the next emerging crowd becomes a group. Meeting year after year is worth just about anything I have to do to make it happen.

    Enjoy your summer months that are coming. We'll meet again in NOVEMBER tada.

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    Default Have a Great Trip

    Well as of this posting it looks more like 2 days to me Richie lol and I'm jealous as hell! I'm sure that you and Syl will have a great time as always. It seemss you and I have a unique opportunity this November because of our scheduling differences being only hours apart. Between the two of us (or I should say the 4 of us) we cover at least 20 days out of the month of November to be Couples guest ambassadors, if you will, for any of the newbies coming this year. I know that since you will very shortly be leaving for your April trip, I don't expect much activity here on the board from you, but when you get back lets try to get this November crowd going. The October crowd is already beating the hell out of us LOL.

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    Okay. The April 2011 trip is in the books. Number 31 Now on to November.

    Another count gets underway. Slowly at first, but steadily moving forward. I begin my count at 180. It's going to be a long summer.

    We are under way!!

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    Default Welcome Back

    Welcome back to the world of the day counters Richie. Only 180 days to go

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    Hi all,

    Stephen and Karly...just booked Nov 2-8. 10 yr anniversary. We have been to CN before.

    Cant wait!! If anyone who has been to cti a few times wants to answer my room question thread I posted, feel free lol.

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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to our currently small ( but soon to expand) group Steve and Carly. Good to see someone else on this thread other than myself, my wife and crabracers lol. Post your room question here and we will try to answer it.

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    Thanks. I think I got it figured out. I just could not determine which rooms had bath and shower or shower only etc. Really wanted a ocean jr suite but they were not available. Was curious if Couples does a wait list or something if a certain room type becomes available due to cancellations etc.

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    Default End Of The World

    Well it's now May 21st around noon here in NJ. If that nut Harold Camping isn't right ( as I'm going to have to assume he isn't LOL) we have a mere 166 days to go. If he's right, CTI would sure be a nice place to endure the tribulation. See you all soon either way.

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    Default Oh No !!!

    Looks like Harold Camping made another "calculation mistake" and now the end is coming on October 21 !!! We are arriving November 3 ( about 10 days after the rapture) this year so I gues we'll just have to stay at CTI until the end. Gee I wonder if anyone is offering rapture insurance? I'll bet Harold Camping is selling it LOL.

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    Is this thing on???



    Maybe I'll shut the lights out on my way out...

    Jason A
    147 days
    23 hours
    43 minutes
    25 seconds
    to CTI!

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    We took advantage of the Wednesday special and will be returning to CTI November 4-11. CTI was our first visit to Couples (via Secret Rendezvous) back in 2006 when it was COR. Since then, we've worked our way around each of the other resorts so we're really looking forward to going back to Tower Island and seeing CTI after all its renovations!

    Karen & Paul

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    Default Welcome Karen and Paul

    I think on your return trip to CTI you will miss some of the old, and love all of the new. It now has a much "sleeker" or even "euro" kind of look, rather than the old 50s motif. Time marches on and if we all want Couples to be there for us "boomers" they have to make it appealing to the 20-30 somethings as well. I think they have accomplished that with the renovation. Wait til you see the 8 Rivers restaurant! No more musty smell from those dark old velvet drapes LOL. It's so much lighter and brighter now as is the rest of the resort. You guys are arriving the day after us so perhaps we will see you for a cocktail one day, or if you're island people we'll see you there. Either way you're gonna love it and so are we!
    Tom & Peggy

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    Well, it looks like we'll not see Karen & Paul (unless we pass each other at the airport,) but we may bump into Tom & Peggy...

    We're arriving Oct31, and leaving Nov4

    Looking forward to visiting our first all-inclusive!

    Jason & Kathy
    CTI in:
    127 days
    23 hours
    10 minutes
    40 seconds

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    Today I thought I would put myself in a really good mood. The last time I read this post, we had 180 days before lift off. This morning we have 134 days left. Big Smile!!!
    We are still a meager group, but I know that throughout the summer and into the fall, names will be popping up everywhere. For now, here is our status:
    November 2011

    Stephen & Karly 2-8
    Tom & Peggy 3-10
    Johnathan & Mellisa 4-14
    Karen & Paul 4-14
    Don & Tracy 8-15
    Richie & Sylvia 10-22
    RyGuy 23-3
    Jason & Kathy 31-4

    I hope I haven't missed anyone. If so, please feel free to add your names to the list.

    tick tick tick

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    Default It's About Time Tick Tick

    Good to see you back on the board Richie I was wondering where you were and thank God you took the initiative to start a list. It should be interesting to see how it grows over the next 4 months. Soon Come,
    Tom & Peggy

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    Ray and Deb coming home for the second time november 8-22nd. Can't wait.

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    November 2011

    Stephen & Karly 2-8

    Ray & Deb 8-22
    Tom & Peggy 3-10
    Johnathan & Mellisa 4-14
    Karen & Paul 4-14
    Don & Tracy 8-15
    Richie & Sylvia 10-22
    RyGuy 23-3
    Jason & Kathy 31-4

    Welcome aboard Ray & Deb. And to the Couples family

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    Thanks Richie.
    We can't wait.
    Just got back from a trip with some nieces and nephews to Spain. Nice to have fun with the kids but we have been thinking about our next trip to CTI ever since we got back from our first one last June. There really is nowhere like it.
    I may even take advantage of the watersports and excursions this time. Everywhere else I have been I have dashed hither and thither but at CTI I did nothing except a quick failure at waterskiing 2 days before we left. CTI was just so relaxing.


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    There is certainly something about Couples that just makes you want to come back. We know. November will be our 32 visit to CTI and our 35 trip to Jamaica overall. And each trip just keeps getting better and better.
    The best place to find us is out on the island. Hope to see you there.


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    Let's meet for dinner Thursday (11?3) night. Our Treat.

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    Your generossity is overwhelming. But you will have another couple for dinner for we do not arrive until the tenth. It was a good thought. Thanks

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